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"Who are they?"
―The Cogs reacting to the Zeo Rangers for the first time and their first line overall.[src]

The Cogs were the mechanical servants who serve as the foot soldiers of the Machine Empire.

Character History

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The Cogs can only be defeated by short circuiting or disassembly, and are produced at the rate of 1 per hour. Their helmet can open up and fire eye beams at their targets. Their primary weapons are spears with an electric charge tip, some could also fire blasts of energy. The Cogs also come with a silver or gunmetal body as well as piloting the Quadrafighters.

Like the Tenga Warriors before them, Cogs are capable of fluently speaking English, albeit in a monotone robotic voice. The Cogs also seem to be more intelligent than any of Rita or Zedd's foot soldiers, as their behavior is much more organized and focused. An example is during the episode "The Shooting Star", a group of Cogs encounter Bulk and Skull during a search for the newly created Zeo Zords. Instead of attacking the duo, the Cogs decide to ignore them, and instead focus on finding the Zeo Zords.

In "Forever Red", General Venjix had an army of Cogs under his command until they were defeated by a team of Red Rangers led by Tommy Oliver.

Seeing as they were never seen again, these Cogs appeared to be the last of their kind seeing as they were not in the battle against the Remnants and veteran Rangers and the destruction of the Generals means that no more can be produced.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: Single punches from the Cogs were strong enough to lay out the Rangers on the floor.
  • Durability: The Cogs were almost completely immune to punches and kicks from the Rangers.
  • Eye Beams: The Cogs can flip up their faceplates and unleash massive blue energy beams from their eyes strong enough to take down all five Rangers with one blast.


  • Expert Fighter Pilots: The Cogs are very skilled fighter pilots since they proved to be very capable in their Quadrafighters.
  • Speech: Some Cogs are capable of speech, albeit in a monotone robotic voice.


  • Cynophobia: Despite being said to be fearless, the Cogs appear to be afraid of dogs.
  • Vulnerability to Sleep: Cogs can also be put to sleep, as seen when they were affected by Somnibot's sleep ability.


  • Spears: The Cogs (when in Sentai footage) carry large silver spears with razor sharp golden tips that can fire energy blasts.
  • Fists: The Cogs (when in U.S. footage) usually utilize their fists exclusively in combat, relying on their strength to lead them to victory.

Behind the Scenes


The Cogs were voiced by uncredited voice actors and portrayed by a team of suit actors which consisted of:


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  • The Cogs are the first robotic foot soldiers to appear in Power Rangers.
  • The Cogs are the first foot soldiers in the Power Rangers franchise to have the ability to fire energy attacks as well as the only ones in the Zordon Era. The next foot soldiers with ranged abilities are the Stingwingers and their eye lasers.
  • The Cogs have a slight difference when it comes to Sentai footage and American footage.
    • In Sentai footage, they have spears as weapons, in American footage, they fought empty-handed.
    • In Sentai footage, they were all gray, while in American footage, there are both silver and red-bodied Cogs.
  • Despite Zordon claiming in A Zeo Beginning that the Cogs are fearless, in Every Dog Has His Dayit is shown that they are afraid of dogs.
  • Several Cogs became affected by Somnibot's sleeping spell in Rock-A-Bye Power Rangers, revealing that their electronic brains have a brainwave frequency, and they can also fall asleep too.
  • Apart from a lone Quantron in Power Rangers in Space, the Cogs were the last foot soldiers of the first Saban era to be able to speak fluent English.
  • The Cogs, along with the Quantrons, were among the only foot soldiers to have their own specialized vehicles, with the Cogs piloting the Quadrafighters and Quantrons using Velocifighters.
  • The Cogs are also known for being some of the most difficult foot soldiers to defeat half the time, even while the Rangers are morphed.


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