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"Hey, you in the Super Megazord. What kind of monster are you?"
―Cog Changer[src]

Cog Changer was a robot monster used by the Machine Empire to access Zeo technology. He was capable of replacing the cogs on the Zeo Jet Cycles with evil ones that would cause the Rangers to lose control of the cycles. As such, the Zeo Cycles ended up getting destroyed. He also piloted the Zeo Megazord after knocking it out of the Rangers' control. He later fused with Impursonator.

Character History

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In a last-ditch effort, Cog Changer fused with Impursonator to form a super monster that was never named on-screen. The Super Zeo Megazord was unable to destroy it alone, so the Zeo Rangers called in the Zeo Megazord, the Red Battlezord and the Warrior Wheel. The Rangers – via the Zords – tossing the Warrior Wheel around Cog-Impursonator allowed it to build enough power to destroy the combined monster.


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Powers and Abilities

His main ability was to summon evil cogs for a number of different purposes, from exploding to hijacking the Rangers' gear. He was also pretty durable, being able to survive a blast from the Zeo Power Cannon, though he was still knocked down.

Behind the Scenes


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  • The Cog-Impursonater is the first fusion chimera type monster to appear in the series.

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