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""Hey what is this? Some kind of game?!"
―Cog Changer's final words before his destruction along with Impersonator after they merge together.[src]

Cog Changer was a robot monster used by the Machine Empire to access Zeo technology.


Cog Changer

The Cog Changer was created to plant evil Cog wheels on the Zeo Rangers' Zeo Jet Cycles and thus destroy them. He was capable of replacing the cogs on the Zeo Jet Cycles with evil ones that would cause the Rangers to lose control of the cycles. As such, the Zeo Cycles ended up getting destroyed by ramming into a large barn where a huge fire started and spread to some barns. Once they survived, Cogs arrived and he powered them up to make them almost immune to any of the Zeo Ranger attacks. Thinking that they would be destroyed, he left the scene shortly before Impursonator arrived and thrashed the Zords.

Whilst she was pinning down the Zeo Megazord, he fired a cog into the Zord's mechanics which later made it break free with Billy in it. They rescued him but Cog Changer took over the Megazord. The Rangers deployed in the Super Zeo Megazord but they were evenly matched until Impersonator took over the Megazord by blasting all of them out before the two formations fought. Eventually, they tricked Impersonator out of the Megazord whilst Kat and Tanya destroyed the control cog in the Megazord with Tanya's Power Pod Sword and stabbed him out of the formation which made him then flee.

Eventually, Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd teamed up with King Mondo to try and destroy the Rangers so some Cogs were sent down with the two monsters. They confronted the Zeo Rangers in the city's main square but the Alien Rangers appeared with them and both sides went into an attack. A short battle then ensued, ending with Impersonator being taken out with the Aquitar Ranger Blast and Cog Changer being taken down with the Zeo Cannon.

Rita and Zedd made Impursonator grow and Klank and Orbus did the same for Cog Changer so the Rangers summoned the Super Zeo Zords. The two sides were evenly matched, even giant versions of the Advanced Zeo Laser Pistols having no effect on the monsters, before Sprocket came up with the idea to merge the monsters into one super powerful monster. Mondo gave the order, and as their last-ditch effort, Impursonator wrapped herself around Cog Changer's head and upper body, becoming an armor of sorts. This combined form serves as the final monster in Zeo.

Cog Changer using Impursonator as armor

The Super Zeo Megazord, despite its power, was unable to destroy the combined monsters alone, so the Zeo Rangers called in the Zeo Megazord, the Red Battlezord and the Warrior Wheel. The Rangers – via the Zords – tossing the Warrior Wheel around the teo monsters allowed them to knock them both down with an energy tornado before building enough power to ultimately destroy them for good with the Warrior Wheel's Power Slam.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Cog Projection: Cog Changer can fire yellow energy from his single eye that will form cogs on objects that have a variety of effects.
    • Machine Control: Cog Changer's primary ability with his cogs means that he can control any machines such as the Zeo Jet Cycles and even the Zeo Megazord.
    • Upgrading: Cog Changer can also use his cogs to enhance the Cog foot soldiers which was seen during his very first scene.
    • Explosive: Cog Changer's cogs also have an explosive effect powerful enough to take down five Zeo Rangers with one blast.


  • Strength: Single swings of Cog Changer's buzzsaw arm took down one Ranger each.
  • Durability: Cog Changer had very thick metal skin, surviving the Zeo Cannon and being shot directly in the face by the Advanced Zeo Laser Pistols (used by the Super Zeo Zords) had no effect.


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  • Buzzsaw Hand: Cog Changer has a buzzsaw instead of a left hand that he can use to hack and slash his enemies.

Behind the Scenes



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  • The combination of Cog Changer and Impursonator is the first fusion monster to appear in the series.
  • If it counts as an individual monster, then the combined form of the two monsters is the final monster in Power Rangers Zeo.


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