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"I'm sorry, y'all are coming this way."
―Cody's Father Apologize To The Samurai Rangers[src]

Cody's father (unnamed) is the descendant of the Guardians who've kept the BullZord hidden for three centuries. He is the current Guardian and keeps records of The Grand Shogun's decrees against the BullZord. He resides with his son in a lodge near the mountain the BullZord is kept.

He was disappointed to see his son defy the Guardian rule that the BullZord be kept hidden, and while he acknowledged that Cody can communicate with the BullZord, he maintains that it cannot be trusted. While the BullZord came to this dimension 300 years ago, he reveals that it was in fact created by his ancestors, and when Cody was dragged along by the runaway BullZord, he gave Jayden the original Bull disk with which to have Cody try and control the BullZord.

Despite his earlier misgivings, when Cody was finally able to tame the BullZord, he told Cody how proud he was of him.


  • His name is never mentioned in-show and the credits list him as "Cody's Father".
  • His character is mostly a combination of two characters from the same Shinkenger arc: Toji Sakakibara (the grandfather who takes care of Hiro) and Hiro's father.
  • In the Japanese dub of Power Rangers Super Samurai, Cody's father is voiced by Haruo Yamagishi.

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