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"You must be the Red Ranger."

Cody is a young boy whose family were the Samurai's Guardians for generations. His first appearance was The BullZord. Since he was three years old, he's had the ability to communicate with the BullZord, a large forbidden Samurai zord that The Grand Shogun ordered hidden 300 years ago. He leaves his compound in order to find the Samurai Rangers which sets him in Serrator's crosshairs.

Feeling that his father nor Jayden took him seriously, he decided to enter the mountain where the BullZord was kept, and go into the BullZord's cavelike cockpit, to attempt to tame the BullZord on his own with a 'Tame' Disk. Cody obtains a paintbrush that conjures from mid-air red paint samurai symbol power. His efforts of using the symbol power failed to tame the BullZord after he had freed it, and thus the BullZord rampaged again on the countryside, even damaging a bridge. The BullZord runs away with him inside. However, the Samurai Folding Zords later find him, but so does Crustor, Serrator's lackey. While Jayden holds Crustor off, with the original Bull Disk, entrusted to Jayden by Cody's father, Cody manages to tame the BullZord after a few attempts.The BullZord

Cody later delivered the Bullzooka, which he had created, to Mentor Ji at the Shiba House. Ji in turn told the team of Cody's gift when he delivered it to their battlefield.Trust Me


  • It is unknown about his mother's condition; there has been no news of her having either died or had left Cody and Cody's Father.
  • Through out the episode of The Bullzord, he talked within his mind rather than out loud. This is because his actor, Brooks Alexander couldn't speak English and had to be dubbed over when he spoke.
  • In the Japanese dub of Power Rangers Super Samurai, Cody is voiced by Eri Goda.

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