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Cockroach Monger (ゴキブリモンガー Gokiburi Mongā, 35) is the cockroach-theme Monger of the Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Cockroach Monger is created for a scheme to create a special "dancing bacteria", with the intent that those infected by the bacteria will continuously dance "La Cucacracha" until they ultimately die. However while its initial group it infects become caught up in dancing, they don't end up dancing themselves to death; when Sun Vulcan discover him and his scheme, he scurries away to the protection of a friendless boy who collects roaches, bagworms and earthworms. While the boy sincerely believes that the roach is going to be friends with him, Cockroach Monger merely uses him to get the resources and space to work on his bacteria fearing the wrath of Black Magma for his initial failure. With the convincing of Asao, the boy eventually turns against Cockroach Monger, tricking him into his shorts pocket which he takes off so Sun Vulcan can corner and attack. The team ultimately defeat it with Vulcan Ball, then with Sun Vulcan Robo after its Expansion Program activates.


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His main means of attack is various roach-abilities including a sticky glue to force anyone to become stuck to the ground, a bacteria from the mouth that caused people to dance, the ability to become a roach to scurry away from opponents, and emit a stun gas called the Cockroach Gas from his mouth. He is also equipped with a staff.

Behind the Scenes


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