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"And now my Brother Cobra on your back will finish the job!"
―Cobra Incarnate when Ryan demorphs.[src]

The Cobra Incarnate is a cobra Demon from Lightspeed Rangers, he appears in the episode The Cobra Strikes.

Character History

When Ryan Mitchell traveled to the tomb where the demons were originally found, he finds the source of his cursed cobra tattoo (which Diabolico placed on him in his sleep) which is a statue of a humanoid cobra monster that comes to life and fights him. After depleting the last of his Titanium Ranger powers battling the Cobra Monster, Ryan's weapon still remained materialized; he threw the weapon and struck a column, causing it to collapse upon the cobra monster. Upon the destruction of the cobra monster, the curse is lifted and Ryan regains his powers. The Cobra Strikes


Not much is known about this monster, it is shown that the Cobra Incarnate is cold and cunning.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fireballs: The Cobra Incarnate can shoot green fireballs from his snake-shaped hands at his enemies.

Behind the Scenes



  • The Cobra Incarnate is the first monster in Lightspeed Rescue to not be created from a Monster Card.
  • The Cobra Incarnate monster is a recycled and re-painted version of Snizzard, with the addition of a cobra hood.
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