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""Who are we?"
"Battobas Monster Corps!"
"Who are the stupid ones?"
"Who are the cool ones?"
"We are!""
―Chapter 37: The Aspirations of Bucrates[src]

Cobies (ゴビース)

Character History

A knight-themed Majin who can scan and copy the Gingaman's (and the Starbeasts, when giant) weapons and attacks into exact duplications. He was sent to kill the wounded GouTaurus, but due to Barreled Scholar Bucrates overhearing him, Bucrates beat him, and the Yartots, to GouTaurus. However, Cobies became confused when the Gingaman performed each other's trademark attacks and/or wielded the other's weapons. After weakening him with this method, the Gingaman then activated Beast Armor Shine to summon the Galeo Pulsar to finish Copies off. Though enlarged, Cobies is eventually killed in the confusion by GingaPhoenix using Steel Starbeast GigaRhinos' Gigantis Buster and then by Super Armor Shine Gingaioh.


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Modus and Arsenal

  • His most notable power is his ability to copy and use all of the Gingaman's weapons and techniques, including the Bull Riot, Starbeast Sword, Kiba Blade, Beast Attack Rod, Gingai-Oh's Gingai-sword, Giga Phoenix's Gigantic Boomerang, and even their Galaxy War Radiance attack.



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Behind the Scenes

  • His motif if that of a knight.


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