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"Zordless Rangers? Ha! Easy-peasy. Morphing Alpha Model into Clonedrone."
Scrozzle to Blaze before his computer announces the teleportation of Gigadrone.[src]

Clonedrone was a Gigadrone Alpha Model in Power Rangers Beast Morphers, created from the data of Clonetron.

Character History

After Clonetron sabotages the Zord computer system, preventing their deployment, Scrozzle launches Clonedrone to destroy a nearby Morph-X Tower. Nate and Steel quickjly manage to get the Racer Zord deployed so, leaving Ravi and Zoey to deal with Clonetron, Devon takes the Racer Zord and intercepts Clonedrone, throwing his sword at it, and striking the first blow which sends it flying. After a brief exchange of blows, Clonedrone scans the Racer Zord and turns into a copy of it. Meanwhile, Nate and Steel finish repairs and get the Wheeler Zord and Chopper Zord deployed just after Ravi and Zoey destroy Clonetron. They then take their Zords to assist Devon only to discover two Racer Zords fighting each other. When Zoey yells out for the real Racer Zord to wave at her, both Racer Zords wave their hands so, unable to tell which one was real, Zoey opens fire on both Racer Zords and reveals the one on the left to be Clonedrone. The Rangers then form the Beast-X Megazord, restrain Clonedrone with the forcefields and destroy it with the Beast-X Hyper Strike.


Clonedrone was intelligent enough to respond to Zoey's call to wave to her but did not speak and was completely silent.

Powers and Abilities

  • Chest Lasers: Clonedrone could fire yellow colored energy lasers from its chest in rapid succession.
  • Armor: Clonedrone was powerful enough to be stabbed by the Racer Zord's flying sword and only fall but quickly recovered and a slash straight up its middle just made it stumble back.
  • Clone Morphing: Like its Robotron counterpart, Clonedrone could change its form by scanning its target with its arm mounted scanner.


  • Fighting: Clonedrone, in its cloned Racer Zord form, was an equal match for the Zord.
  • Quick Reactions or Move Duplication: Clonedrone, whilst in its stolen form, either duplicates the moves of the Racer Zord or can react quickly to the Zord's movements as shown when it duplicated the Racer Zord's wave. It is unclear which power it demonstrated.


  • Damage-Taking too much damage forced Clonedrone to turn back into its normal form which was its undoing.


  • Clone Scanner Arm: Clonedrone had a scanner on its right arm that could scan an enemy, enabling it to turn into a clone of its opponent.
  • Copy of Racer Zord's Sword: When it cloned the Racer Zord, Clonedrone gained a copy of its sword to use in combat which was lost when it reverted back.

Behind the Scenes


  • Clonedrone was completely silent and lacked a voice actor.


  • Clonedrone was the very first monster in the Power Rangers franchise to take a form of a Power Rangers' Megazord. Most monsters merely duplicated the Zords.

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