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Clock Tower

Clock Tower

The Clock Tower was the home and headquarters to the Time Force Rangers. The Clock Tower also includes A Nick of Time Odd Jobs, where they work. As well as that the Rangers store captured mutants in a cryo chamber, and keep an eye on the city with a holographic viewer. The Clock Tower was destroyed in a battle between Eric and Wes and an army of Cyclobots.

Wes' father owned the building, and it had evidently been abandoned for many years before the start of the show. Wes most likely chose the Clock Tower due to the fact they are the Time Force Rangers.

The destruction of the Clock Tower parallels to the destruction of the Power Chamber during the Turbo finale ("Chase Into Space"), the space colony Terra Venture during the Lost Galaxy finale ("Journey's End"), and the Lightspeed Aquabase during the Lightspeed Rescue finale ("The Fate of Lightspeed"). All of these locations were attacked by an army of the primary antagonists' foot soldiers and were ultimately destroyed as a result, despite the efforts of the Rangers to protect them.

Whether or not the Clock Tower was ever rebuilt remains unknown.

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