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"Time Up!"
―Clock Org's final words before his death

A wandering nobody who acquired a longcase clock, Clock Org is able to stop/alter time around him. Duke Org Loki recruits Clock Org at Chenho Lake to handle the other Gaorangers while Loki duels GaoRed. Once the team managed to destroy the cuckoo on the Org's forehead, they returned back to normal time and the Gaorangers use Hyakujuuken to destroy Clock Org. But Loki revives Clock Org, supporting the Org in GaoHunter Evil until GaoKing destroys the Org.

Behind the Scenes


  • Clock Org were designed by character designer Keiichi Sato.

    concept art


  • Clock Org's last words, "Time up!", upon being defeated by GaoKing is a reference to the phrase used by the Gaorangers' immediate predecessors, the Timerangers, when they defeated the Londerz Prisoners.

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