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"My eyes are turning around and round and round..."
―Final words before death

Clock Mask (時計仮面 Tokei Kamen, 64) is the tenth of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Clock Mask was the coordinator of the Zolder Ninja corp during their first mission alongside the Black Cross' new Battler ship, one whose movements make it appear like a UFO in the sky to make these invaders appear more like aliens. Using the confusion of the EAGLE forces and radar postings around their bases, Clock Mask coordinates an invasion where the Zolder ninjas invade, take out EAGLE soldiers and set up bombs for him to explode. During an initial battle, the Gorengers have a hard time dealing with the new Zolder corp, but Peggy trickily turns back Clock Mask's face to reverse their motion and thus stall their invasion.

Eventually when the Gorengers finally catch on to the scheme after several more EAGLE bases fall, they confront Clock Mask and face him in combat. They use Gorenger Hurricane to become a "magnet clock", which attaches to the Masked Monster's head confusing the time within him and thus stopping him and making him explode. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 64: Blue UFO!! The Space Army's Big Invasion

Clock Mask


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Powers and Abilities


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Clock Mask's main ability involves the control of certain temporal aspects: he coordinates bombs with his face to go off at his will; as well as having the weakness of reversing movements for troops when someone winds his clock face backwards. He also uses a clock hand as a sword, is equipped with a shield, and can release clock bombs from his torso.

Behind the Scenes


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