This article is about a/an Outlaw monster in Power Rangers Dino Super Charge.

"I’ll send you a postcard. Or a snow globe. Or a post card inside a snow globe. "
―His last words before his destruction.[src]
"I’m perfect. Perfectly horrible!"
―The Cloaked Alien’s first lines.[src]

This unamed monster is one of Sledge's outlaw monsters, it is a hooded or cloaked robotic monster with blue hair that makes a minor appearance in the pilot episode of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge "When Evil Stars".

Character History

This Monster was released with the other outlaws on the orders of Heckyl. When he offered the monsters to leave, this one took advantage of. Heckyl vaporized him with his Lighting Beams, telling the other monsters that he would have been the first to betray them, and that was what happened to traitors.When Evil Stirs


Due to this monster's minor appearance, not much is known about him, he is shown to be cowardly and thats all.

Powers and Abilities

  • None

Behind the Scenes



  • This Monster was originally thought to be called Badussa, but that name went to a different Monster.


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