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Click, Click, Zoom is the third episode of Power Rangers Wild Force.


When Cole rejects Taylor's strictly defined Ranger Rulebook, insisting the only rule the team needs is teamwork, the Yellow Ranger strikes out on her own, and soon encounters the Camera Org. When she's zapped by him, her physical form becomes invisible! Can the new leader of Wild Force save the former one, and win her respect in the process? Also, learn the stunning history of the Kingdom of Animaria!


Master Org tells his dukes that over the years the humans have been polluting the Earth which has really weakened it and now it is time for the orgs to rise and take over. At the Animarium Taylor tries to teach Cole some rules of the rule book. Cole tells her that she doesn't needs to have such rules as the only rule needed is teamwork. It makes Taylor feel insulted and she leaves the Animarium. Cole doesn't understand her rough behavior. Taylor encounters a woman who is narrating her child the story of the Animarium. Suddenly an Org threat arises. The Org starts turning people invisible with his camera. Jindrax shows up and attacks Taylor. Taylor gets captured in the process. Camera Org clicks her picture turning her invisible. The other Rangers arrive to help. Cole feels guilty for the incident. He goes after Camera Org. They start battling. Suddenly Camera Org drops his roll. Cole grabs the roll and restores all the victims. Taylor returns to her physical form. She joins the other Rangers. Camera Org wraps everybody. Cole tears his tape off. The rangers destroy Camera Org with the jungle sword. Toxica enlarges Camera Org. The Rangers form the Megazord and destroy Camera Org once and for all. Back at the Animarium both Taylor and Cole gain mutual understanding of each other. The episode ends with a hand shake.



  • The Princess Shayla that is illustrated in the book has a completely different appearance to the actual Princess Shayla (due to the character being recast and redesigned shortly after filming began). 
  • Despite the fact Toxica had previously said that Master Org didn't look like he used to during the original war (indeed, the show would later reveal he was an imposter), the original Master Org presented in the flashback looks identical to the one that had recently risen.


  • If you listen carefully, you can hear someone cuss when Taylor leaves the Animarium.
  • Merrick briefly appears in this episode in a flashback. However, it is not known if the actor is Philip Andrew this time or somebody else.
  • Taylor uses her flight capability for the first time in this episode.

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