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"Surprise Rangers, soon to be "Ex-Rangers"! I have a present... your destruction!"
―Cleocatra's first lines to the Rangers when confronting them at thier Christmas party.[src]
"Ha-ha! You've gotten too big for your boots!"
―Cleocatra when being gigantified.[src]
"Aaarghhh! And this was my ninth life!"
―Cleocatra's final words before her destuction.[src]

Cleocatra was a cyborg cat/stopwatch-theme monster and is Cat O' Clock's cousin, she is the primary antagonist of the Christmas Special episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, "Past, Present, and Future" and is the final threat of that season.


Cleocatra comes to Earth to fight the Ninja Steel Rangers and to avenge her cousin Cat O'Clock's defeat. She uses her time controller to freeze four Rangers and Redbot although Sarah succeeds in taking the controller and to escape with Santa Claus. She travels in the past to retrieve the Ninja Power Stars and returns just in time to save her friends. After calling the Lion Fire Armor, Brody uses the time controller and accidentally becomes a "Mega Ranger." Cleocatra retrieves it and uses it to be gigantify. She fights Brody and they are evenly matched until the Robo Red Zord intervenes. Despite her strength, both Brody and the Robo Red Zord were able to easily overwhelm her, the former ending the fight by throwing her to the ground. He then spun his Lion Fire Armor Star and killed Cleocatra with the Lion Fire Flame Strike Final Attack. Sarah then reversed Brody's gigantification and destroyed the time controller by melting it on her stove, undoing the effects of time.


Compared to her cousin, she is quite rough and anger that the Rangers destroyed Cat O’Clock may have made her more rough. She is also more clever and aggressive than her cousin, though she is shown to care for Cat O' Clock as she is willing to defeat the Rangers as revenge for them destroying Cat O' Clock.

Powers and abilities

  • Extraordinary Jumper:Cleocatra can jump at incredible hights.
  • Super Speed:Cleocatra can run in super fast speeds.
  • Mega Fireball: When enlarged, Cleocatra is able to unleash a massive light orange colored fireball from her both of her hands.


  • Metal Claws: Like her cousin, Cleocatra has large red metal claws mounted on her wrists for combat.
  • Time Controller: Cleocatra posses a time controller, which has three following ablilities.
    • Time Freeze: This function fires blue energy waves that can freeze time for whatever they hit.
    • Time Portal: This function creates portals in the timeline that can be used to time travel.
    • Gigantification: This function can be used to enlarge the user.

Behind the Scenes



  • Cleocatra is the second monster to appear in a Christmas epilogue. The first being Heximas from Dino Super Charge, the third would be Snow Fright from Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, and Infernotron would be the fourth from Beast Morphers.
  • Cleocatra is the first Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel monster to be gigantified without the use of Cosmo's stage machine.
  • Cleocatra is the very first Monster-Of-The-Week in the entire Power Ranger franchise to engage a Ranger while both are in giant form.
  • She looks almost exactly like her cousin with the exception of the orange face in the middle of her watch instead of green like her cousin.
  • As of today it remains unknown of were Cleocatra came from, though there are two possibilities,
    • It is possible that during the events of "Galvanax Rises", the second part of the two-part season finale of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Cleocatra survives the Ninja Steel asteroid attack on the Warrior Dome Ship.
    • It is also likely possible that Cleocatra was sent by Odius off-screen as a warm-up monster for her goal to take the Power Stars in the next sesson.
  • Cleocatra is somewhat a pun on the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra as well as helping her appearance from Tom & Jerry and the video game Earthbound.

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