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Clean-Up Club is the thirty-seventh episode of the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and originally aired on November 23, 1993.


The city of Angel Grove is polluted and overcome by trash; thus the Rangers come together and organize a clean-up club in order to help clean up the city and recycle. Rita Repulsa decides to end the Rangers' plight and releases the Polluticorn. Jason uses the Dragon Shield for the last time in defeating this mythical terror.


Miss Appleby calls her class to attention. Bulk and Skull entered the classroom. Skull is filming Bulk as he walks in. They are making a video called Bulk - The World's Greatest Guy. Skull walks backwards as he films and accidentally bumps into Miss Appleby. Skull turns around and films Miss Appleby, telling them to take their seats now. Billy, Kimberly, and Jason are not amused by Bulk and Skull's antics. Skull continues to film Bulk as he walks towards his chair. Bulk tells on camera "that's Miss Appleby, who can't wait for me to sit down. She is a really lovely teacher". Bulk sits at his desk. Skull directs him to move to the left, my left, and numerous other directions until Bulk gets confused and falls to the floor causing the class to laugh. Skull helps Bulk back up and promises he will edit it out later. Skull takes his seat.

Miss Appleby tells the class it's time for their first video project. Trini is called up to present her video. Trini tells the class that her video project is called - Pollution Problems in Angel Grove. The video has Trini narrating as footage of pollution is shown. The video states although progress has been made, there is still the problem of garbage, dirty air, and polluted water. Trini warns it's important not to destroy nature's delicate balance for the sake of the animals and our very world. If the animals disappear, ultimately, so will we. The time to act is now. The video ends.

The class and Miss Appleby are very impressed. Miss Appleby tells Trini she did a very nice job. She tells the class that pollution is a serious concern to our society. Billy agrees. Kimberly asks what can they do to help? Trini plans to start a clean-up club. One day a week we can do some recycling, clean up some trails, help animals who are endangered. Jason tells her to count him in. Zack adds, sounds cool.

Rita has been watching the classroom from her balcony. Baboo, Squatt, Scorpina, and Goldar are with her. Rita declares, "we'll give them something to clean! Call Finster's Polluticorn. The Polluticorn will make such a mess of their planet, they'll never get it cleaned up! Scorpina! Goldar! I have you two to make sure it works. Now Go!" Scorpina and Goldar give a small bow and leave. Polluticorn flies to Angel Grove.

The Youth Center is having a recycling drive. Jason and Zack are having fun crushing cans by using various martial arts methods. Trini checks on each of her friends. After checking on Jason and Zack, Trini walks over to Billy. Billy has created an organic paint for labeling the recycling bins. Trini is impressed. Kimberly directs Ernie on the placement of garbage and recycling bins. Soon the teens leave as Bulk and Skull appear. Skull has Ernie film him and Bulk working out.

The Rangers have cleaned up the park and leave for the beach to clean up. Bulk appears and has Skull film him. In it, he claims he picked up all the trash himself. When Skull tries to attempt to have Bulk move forward so they can shoot again, he trips and falls on the bags.

Rita causes trouble by sending the Putties to attack the Rangers. Zordon sends the Rangers to battle Goldar, Scorpina and Poluticorn. Rita makes him grow after he is destroyed and the Rangers call on their zords to battle him. After their victory, Rita once more gets a headache.

As the news reports of the Power Rangers successes against Rita, The Rangers have stacked up the cans and recyclables into a neat pile. Skull is seen filming Bulk as he roles in a tire to make him look like he cares about the environment. In the middle of filming Bulk makes a huge mess and causes the Youth Center to be littered with garbage. He gets angry at Skull, but he warns Bulk of his temper because they're still filming. Bulk mentions that whenever possible everything should be recycled. He crushes a can and tosses it at Skull before passing out.

The next day, Miss Appleby announces they'll be watching Bulk's video. He tries to come up with an excuse, but Skull appears and announcing he just finished editing it. Miss Appleby takes the video from him and he goes to his seat. Bulk asks Skull about the contents and if he should be concerned. Skull mentions there are a few glitches, but nothing to worry about. Bulk's video begins as normal, but soon he hears the class laughing as he falls on the ground. While hearing the laughter, it becomes apparent that Skull's horrible editing made him look like a clown. Bulk gets mad, but Skull claims he thought he edited those parts out. At the end, Miss Appleby is trying to contain her laughter and the class continues laughing. Bulk tells Skull he's really going to pound him. Skull claims he can fix this mess and runs as Bulk chases after him.



  • This is the final time that Jason uses the Dragon Shield.
  • This episode was adapted into the book "Megazord to the Rescue!"
  • The Megazord fight with Polluticorn was used in a PC game Power Rangers Zeo PowerActive Words.
  • Scenes from this episode were used in a KTTV story memorializing Thuy Trang's funeral.1
  • This episode was the first to show Billy's unmorphed fighting skills on par with the other Rangers, with previous episodes showing him simply trying to avoid or outwit Putties.
  • In Zyuranger, the plot was basically the same concept although Dora Unicorn had an intense hatred for humans due to their abuse of the environment and teamed up with an environmentalist boy named Kouichi to destroy a waste disposal site.
    • Kouchi is also why he can be seen stopping on the spot and turning to talk to apparently nothing whilst confronting nothing in the warehouse fight.
  • The Zord fight was slightly different in the original episode because in Zyuranger, King Brachion was summoned and Daizyuzin leapt onto it to empower the Super Legendary Lightning Cut to destroy Dora Unicorn due to how tough his skin was.
    • The element of Titanus arriving and the Megazord riding him was presumably cut because it looks very cheap and fake.


  • After telling Jason "your friends are finished", the Polluticorn turns and addresses thin air for no apparent reason.
    • In Zyuranger, this was him addressing Kouchi but they couldn't use the footage for obvious reasons.
  • “It looks totally far out and funky down the drain dude.”
  • The Megazord jumps at the Polluticorn for no apparent reason.
  • The television news reporter not only knows who Rita is once again but also calls his report on the monster attack a "special bulletin" (given how regular these attacks are, they're not special) and calls the city of Angel Grove a town.
  • In the Youth Center clips from Bulk’s video the top of set can clearly be seen.
    • Also the one clip showing Billy and Kimberly, for a split second a camera flash can be seen. Indicated someone was taking pictures during production.

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