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"Part Beetle, Part Robot, I'm Clawtron!"
―Clawtron's first words upon being created.[src]
―Clawtron's final words before his destruction.[src]

Clawtron is a beetle-themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2.

Character History

Unlike previous Robotrons, Clawtron was not created from an object and was instead made from the same machine Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy are always resurrected through. This was because Robo-Roxy was able to steal beetle DNA from Nate and Steel during an ambush and Scrozzle infused it with Robotron data. Robo-Roxy then infused herself with flower DNA and accompanied Clawtron to Earth, both having the mission to destroy the Rangers at all costs.

Clawtron attacked a cafe where the Rangers confronted him but were shocked by Roxy's new appearance. They tried to morph but were unable to because the teleportation system for their weapons and Morphers was busted so they had to fight unmorphed but both Roxy and Clawtron easily overwhelmed them. However, before they could kill the Rangers, Nate arrived on Cruise with their weapons and they were able to morph. Before they could fight though, Commander Shaw contacted Devon and informed him that a Gigadrone was approaching. Steel left to fight it so the other four went into battle where he fought Devon one on one. He managed to knock Devon on the ground but he managed to avoid being impaled and Nate intervened with his Striker Saber before he could attack again, knocking back the Robotron. He arrogantly proclaimed that the Rangers would never defeat him but Cruise gave Devon his Beast-X Visor and he changed into Beast-X Mode. Clawtron was then killed by a combination of the Beast-X Cheetah Charge and Nate's Striker Beast Slash (with Nate mounted on Devon's Cheetah Mode-esque form which tore through the Robotron whilst hit Clawtron with the Striker Beast Slash).


Clawtron is a brutish thug, kicking and throwing chairs without a care in the world and mauling the Rangers.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Clawtron is shown to be incredibly strong, being able to throw Devon aside and send Ravi and Steel flying with a single swing.
  • Durability: Clawtron was shot in the chest by a Beast-X Blast when Nate arrived but was unharmed despite being thrown to the ground.
  • Teleportation: Clawtron can teleport in a similar way to Roxy but his energy swirls are gold instead of purple.


  • Pincer Claw: Clawtron has a large pincer-like claw in place of a right hand which he can use for battle.

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  • In Go-Busters, Kuwagataloid (Clawtron's Sentai Counterpart) is the final Metaloid.
  • Like in Go-Busters, he’s the only animal themed Robotron unlike the other ones which are based off of objects.

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