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""Gigadrone detected in your sector.""
Commander Shaw informing Devon of Clawdrone's imminent arrival.[src]

Clawdrone is a final Beta Model Gigadrone created from the data of Clawtron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2.

Character History

Clawdrone was deployed by Scrozzle whilst the Rangers were fighting Roxy and Clawtron after Nate gave them their Morphers since the transporter had broken down. The Gigadrone Detectors picked up on it and Steel deployed to fight it alone and fought it with his Jet Zord. He hit it with the Rapid Blast but it was barely damaged and took to the air instead where it began a duel with Steel. After Clawtron's death, Steel called for help from Nate and Devon whilst he changed his Zord into Scarab Mode and the two had a pincer match. However, before anything bad could occur, Nate arrived in his Wrecker Zord Battle Mode and knocked back Clawdrone. Devon then arrived in his Racer Zord atop the Beast-X King Zord which Clawdrone tried to destroy with its eye blasts but it had no effect. Devon equipped the Beast-X King Zord's blaster and fired a Proton Blast which stunned Clawdrone enough for Nate and Steel to finish it off with the Jet Zord Collider Crash.


Clawdrone has a very beetle like mindset, fighting over territory (in this case a Morph-X Tower) and displaying typical male beetle behaviour (specifically the antenna fight which is what beetles usually do when fighting over a potential mate).

Powers and abilities

  • Durability: Clawdrone took multiple hits from the Jet Zord's Rapid Blast but was hardly fazed.
  • Flight: Clawdrone can fly at incredible speed although how it does this is unclear.
  • Lasers: Clawdrone can shoot purple lasers from the cannon between its head pincers.
  • Eye Blasts: Clawdrone can fire green energy blasts from its single eye which are strong enough to cause massive explosions but not stop the Racer Zord and Beast-X King Zord.


  • Pincers: Clawdrone has large pincers on top of its head which it can use to maul its enemies with.


  • In its Sentai version, KuwagataZord is the final MegaZord deployed in the entire season that was made from a Metaloid. MegaZord Omega appeared in the final episode but was not made from a specific monster.
    • Although Antennadrone 2.0 came later as the final Gigadrone made from a Robotron, Clawdrone is however the final Beta Gigadrone Model in the entire season.
  • Clawdrone is one of seven Gigadrones whose name is based solely upon the Robotron's name since it was not mentioned in the episode. The first was Burnerdrone, the second was Shockadrone, the third was Blaze's Megazord (although that's based on its pilot and not a Robotron), the fourth was (technically) Drilldrone 2.0, the fifth was Trapperdrone, the sixth was Gamerdrone, and the sixth was Keydrone.

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