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Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie is a superhero film that serves as a crossover between Power Rangers Samurai and Ranger Operator Series Red of Power Rangers RPM. The film utilizes footage from the Super Sentai movies, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger The Movie: The Fateful War and Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger: Ginmaku Bang!!, and aired on November 26, 2011 as an hour-long special.[1]


The Samurai Rangers team with the mysterious RPM Ranger Red and fend off the dual-threat from Master Xandred's Mooger army and a robotic super-villain from the RPM Ranger's dimension. When both Red Rangers get struck with hypnobolts, the two Red Rangers turn on one another and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.


In an alternate universe, the RPM Rangers are fighting a battle against the evil computer virus Venjix. In the wastelands, the Sky Rev Megazord faces off against Professor Cog. Scott Truman gives Cog three steps to turn and fire as Cog tells him not to cheat. Both the Megazord and Cog take their three steps, but the Megazord is quicker on the draw and fires, knocking down Cog. However, he quickly gets back up, berating Series Red for his honesty and reveals a hidden shield. Cog fires his guns at the Megazord and knocks it down, with Series Red vowing to track him down. Cog leaves and says that he's off to destroy two worlds.

In the Samurai Rangers' dimension, a train car arrives in the city's subway as Cog and a team of Grinders come off it. Cog wonders how he'll get to Master Xandred's Netherworld. Meanwhile, a Nighlok called Sharkjaw attacks the city as Antonio arrives with the other Rangers to duel him. From a distance, Cog watches and is surprised at the existence of the Samurai Rangers. Sharkjaw spins around in a tornado formation and knocks down the Samurai Rangers. Mike gets back up and tries to hold Sharkjaw back, but he gets knocked aside as well. Antonio rushes forward but is knocked down once more. However, Sharkjaw begins to dry out and retreats. The Rangers demorph as Cog says that he'll pay Xandred a visit.

In the Netherworld, Sharkjaw returns as Xandred and Octoroo compliment him on the damage caused in the other world. Serrator announces that General Gut will lead the charge to invade Earth with his Nighlok army. Above ground, Professor Cog enters the Netherworld and says that his master requests the Netherworld's assistance in destroying the humans in their dimension. Cog announces the plan to use the evil water of the Sanzu River to eliminate the humans in his dimension. He offers to help with Xandred's invasion in exchange for the water. He then proposes to deal with the Samurai Rangers while the Nighloks attack the city. On the underground subway, RPM Ranger Red hops off the train and heads into the city.

In the city, Mike wonders why Kevin didn't get ice cream with the other Rangers in celebration of beating Sharkjaw. Emily tells Mike to not pick on Kevin, but Mike retorts that he's eating vegetables, which Kevin explains that he had been feeling slow recently. Just then, a car falls from a bridge, nearly crushing the Rangers. A team of Grinders starts attacking construction workers, and the Samurai Rangers morph to fight them off. The five Rangers keep hitting the Grinders with their swords, but they don't cut through their plated armor. Jayden tells the team not to give up when RPM Ranger Red shows up. He tells the Rangers that their swords won't cut through the Grinders' armor and starts shooting them down with his Nitro Blaster. Ranger Red starts cutting into other battles the Samurai Rangers are fighting, which greatly insults them. After Ranger Red takes out the rest of the Nighloks, the Samurai Rangers de-morph and ask who he is. Ranger Red thinks the Rangers are mad since he took out the Grinders and wasn't sure if their swords could do the job. He introduces himself as Scott, but Jayden wants him to de-morph and show himself. Scott tells them that he can't de-morph for his own reasons, and Kevin and Mike wonder if they can trust him. Mia and Emily take a liking to him and drag Scott back to the Shiba House.

At the house, Ji works on his Harley-Davidson as the Rangers enter the compound. Mia rushes in to start dinner when Scott notices the Harley, thinking the Samurai only rode horses. Mentor Ji asks who they brought, and Jayden says they're about to find out. Scott looks around the Shiba House and says that their stuff was interesting and says they're "old school", and Kevin berates him for nearly hitting them in the earlier battle. The Rangers want an explanation, and Scott tells them that he's chasing Professor Cog as he's looking for a way to wipe out the humans from his dimension. Scott says he can't de-morph since he doesn't know if he can breathe the air in their dimension, as the humans of his world have been forced to move into a domed city due to the toxins the robots pump into the air. Scott is shown an extra room to sleep in, and Mike tells Emily that he's uneasy about Scott, especially how he looks at her. Emily tells Mike that she can't see his eyes anyway.

Back in the Netherworld, Xandred accepts Cog's offer and calls up Sergeant Tread to assist him. On the docks, the Grinders target Antonio first, but he hears their noise and quickly morphs. At the Shiba House, Mia offers Scott some food she cooked, but he declines. Mike gets the idea to wear his helmet whenever she cooks. The Gap Sensor goes off and Ji tells the Rangers that there's a disturbance on the docks, but it's not a Nighlok. Scott takes Ji's Harley and travels to the scene. He sees Antonio fighting the Grinders and activates the Street Saber to back him up. At first, Antonio thinks its Jayden but then realizes it isn't. The Grinders fire on Scott, but he shoots them down. Just then, Professor Cog shows up and fights Scott. The other five Rangers show up and fight Cog together, but they are easily knocked down. Cog then fires hypnobolts at the Red Rangers and starts up a vortex attack to send the two back to Scott's dimension. However, the other Rangers take the hit and are transported to Scott's dimension while the Red Rangers are knocked into the sea.

The Red Rangers emerge from the sea, with Scott realizing that the other five Rangers sacrificed themselves, and Jayden says they did it because he's the key to stopping Xandred. He then tells Scott to look at himself and asks if the other Rangers got sent to Scott's dimension. He says that's highly likely, but that the RPM Rangers would help his group out. In the Netherworld, Xandred asks Gen. Gut if the invasion forces are ready, and he says yes. Xandred thinks the invasion will be easy with most of the Rangers teleported to another dimension.

Back at the Shiba House, Ji tells Scott and Jayden of the large Nighlok invasion. Jayden summons his horse as Scott uses Ji's bike to race to the scene. Jayden beats Scott there, but the latter draws his gun. Cog is impressed with the effects of the hypnobolts as the two start fighting. While taking out a few Grinders and Moogers, Jayden doesn't want to hurt Scott, but they keep fighting. Tread compliments Cog on how well the hypnobolts worked. Scott fires the Nitro Blaster right at Jayden, but he counters by kicking the Spin Sword right at Scott. Both of them fall down, but they both get up and remove their shields. Scott then thanks Professor Cog for showing him the fakeout trick. Cog wonders how they broke free, and Jayden explains that Ji noticed that Jayden and Scott were fighting each other, so he used his own Samuraizer to cure the two of the hypnobolts. The two then realized they had to fake the fight to convince Cog, and Jayden says that he made a mistake since he can't reprogram humans.

Sgt. Tread takes the lead in attacking the Red Rangers as most of the Grinders transform into bikes as the Moogers ride them. Jayden summons a Ford Mustang for Scott and himself as they fight off the foot soldiers. Scott wheels the Mustang towards Tread as he hands Jayden the Nitro Blaster. Jayden fires and takes out one of Tread's tires. But Cog fires more hypnobolts at them but they dodge. Jayden tosses Scott the Shark Disc to become the RPM Shark Attack Ranger while Jayden uses the Black Box to become the Super Red Samurai Ranger. The two of them knock down Cog as the other Samurai Rangers are tossed out of the vortex. Emily tells Scott that the RPM Rangers say hello. With the help of the other Samurai Rangers, Jayden and Scott fight and destroy Cog and Tread. After destroying the two of them, Jayden says that they have to fight off the rest of the Nighloks. The five Samurai Rangers ride on their horses and Scott and Antonio ride in the Mustang. However, the car stalls as Moogers surround Scott and Antonio. Meanwhile, Jayden duels one-on-one with General Gut. Jayden gets knocked around by the General and is about to be struck down when he activates the Shark Disc and becomes the Shark Attack Ranger. He introduces Gut to the Shark Sword as it stretches and winds across the battlefield, taking out the remaining Moogers. The five Rangers then perform the quintuple slash on Gut which destroys him.

Gut grows to Mega size, and the Rangers summon the Battlewing Megazord. The Rangers fight him, but Gut knocks down the Megazord, forcing the Rangers to lose the Battlewing formation. Kevin says that Gut is too strong for them, but he activates the SharkZord as it fights against Gut's snake. The Samurai Megazord then combines with the Shark Sword to become the Samurai Shark Megazord. The five Rangers finish off Gut as Antonio cheers them on. Scott tells him to check for a wrench so they can head home. In the Netherworld, Xandred is frustrated that his new generals and Cog were even more useless than the Moogers.

At the subway, Scott tells the Rangers that he has to head back to his dimension. Scott tells the team that they're good, but still "old school". Emily tells him to say hello to the other RPM Rangers, and Mike wishes that Scott could demorph so they could say goodbye in person. He says the same and tells Mike to look after Emily since he sees how she looks at him. The train departs as an encouraged Mike joins the others in heading back to the house.




Color Role Actor
Red Samurai Ranger Jayden Shiba Alex Heartman
Blue Samurai Ranger Kevin Najee De-Tiege
Pink Samurai Ranger Mia Watanabe Erika Fong
Green Samurai Ranger Mike Hector David, Jr.
Yellow Samurai Ranger Emily Brittany Anne Pirtle
Gold Samurai Ranger Antonio Garcia Jeremy Birchall (voice)
Ranger Operator Series Red Scott Truman Eka Darville (credited as Tobias Reiss, voice)[2]


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Home Media

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The film was released on DVD on March 7, 2013. Along with the movie itself, it contains additional features:

  • The Power Rangers MEGA Album Playlist Video
  • "Bloopers" Featurette
  • "Train Like a Ranger" Featurette
  • "Auditions" Featurette


  • This is the first team up since Operation Overdrive's Once A Ranger in 2007. It is also the first team up episode to use footage from its Japanese counterpart since Lightspeed Rescue's Trakeena's Revenge.
  • Scott Truman is the only RPM Ranger to appear in the team-up and only does so morphed. This is due to Eka Darville having joined the Screen Actors Guild after his time on RPM, and Haim Saban's continued unwillingness to use Union actors. Darville was forbidden by Union rules to appear physically or to be credited by real name, without being paid SAG wages.
  • This special uses the original Samurai intro adjusted to include scenes from the special rather than an adjusted version of the Super Samurai opening despite taking place during Super Samurai.
  • This is the first time Mentor Ji himself uses symbol power.
  • Steven Skyler does not appear in this episode and is not credited in the opening. This was due to the fact Skyler had previous commitments during the filming of this movie. Antonio's brief unmorphed appearance was done by a stand-in whilst his dialogue is done by Jeremy Birchall who previously voiced Wootox in S.P.D. and would go on to be the voice of Megamauler in Super Ninja Steel.
    • Going by IMDB and the fact that this movie came out in late 2011, the commitments he had were likely to the movie Wrath of God: Confrontation which was released during Super Samurai's run.
  • For the first few scenes where RPM Red's boots and hand are seen turning the key, it's actually Alex Heartman wearing pieces of the RPM suit and not a stunt double.
    • This was stated in Ranger Tales: Samurai (from the Power Rangers Legacy DVD boxset) by Alex Heartman.
  • In terms of RPM continuity, the special would have to take place between "Ancient History" and "Key to the Past" - Cog refers to "my master" and Scott refers to the siege of Corinth as a contemporary event, and the SkyRev Megazord and Mammoth Engine Cell are both in use. But, "Key to the Past" marks the beginning of two serialized multi-episode arcs that run straight to the end of the series, leaving no other chances for "Clash" to take place during RPM. For Super Samurai, it takes place after "The Rescue" as Jayden has the Shark Disk which is first discovered and activated in that episode.
    • This could also mean that RPM may take place around the same time as Super Samurai, which take place in 2012, placing RPM's present day three years after its broadcast in 2009.
  • While fighting Professor Cog, Mike says "It's time to rage against the machine!", a likely reference to the American band Rage Against the Machine.
  • In terms of production order, this is the first time audiences see SharkZord and LightZord, albeit in weapon set mode of lantern and blade. It is not the debut episode of either Zord, however, as both Zords are to be introduced in Super Samurai, specifically between "Something Fishy" and "The Rescue".
  • In an interview with Den of Geek, head writer James W. Bates confirmed that the special was originally going to be longer and would've included the other six Ranger Operators as well, most likely with them appearing morphed as voiced by their actors though under pseudonyms.
  • This episode's events do not occur in the Boom! Studios comic continuity, which instead depicts a different account of the meeting between the Samurai Rangers and Ranger Operators during the Shattered Grid crisis: The Ranger Operators are first pitted against the Blue Samurai Sentries of Lord Drakkon before meeting the Red Samurai Ranger, Lauren Shiba, from time following the defeat of Master Xandred.
  • Sergeant Tread is destroyed without growing, and Cog is last seen being covered by the explosion from Sergeant Tread's destruction (as opposed to getting his own, hinting at his survival and eventual return.) It is assumed that Cog was grown by Venjix during the initial encounter against Scott and he couldn't grow himself once in another dimension and separated from Venjix and his forces, but it is unclear why Tread's second life didn't kick in.
    • His Shinkenger counterpart was able to make himself grow along with Tread's counterpart and they had a Zord battle but that had to be cut for two reasons. 1. to fit in the Mooger army stock footage and 2. because all of the RPM Rangers and their Zords were in the battle but not this episode.
      • This Zord fight would have probably been adapted if not for the issues with the Screen Actors Guild.


  • Antonio does not sound like Steven Skyler since he was unavailable. The voice was done by Jeremy Birchall giving a butchered Latino accent.
  • Antonio somehow knew the name of Sharkjaw, even though he wasn't there for his initial introduction.
  • The Grinders threw a car off of the bridge that some workers were working on so why did they only notice the foot soldiers when they fired at them?
  • When summoning the Zords, Jayden was seen throwing his Spin Sword into the air to change into a Mega Blade, while he previously was wielding the Shark Sword and was in Shark Attack Mode. It then returns to being the Shark Sword when operating the Zords.
  • This is due to simply using the stock footage of summoning the Zords, which features the Mega Blade which was exclusively made for Samurai since the Mega Blade doesn't exist in Shinkenger (the Shinkengers using only their Spin Swords in the cockpits) but being made in the U.S. to boost toy sales.
  • The rainbow "V" that adorns the cockpit seen in the Samurai Shark Megazord in "The Rescue" was not seen in this episode when the combination was used.
    • This is due to inconsistent cockpit designs from the American crew (since all Japanese cockpit shots were replaced to include the Mega Blade and too blatant Japanese kanji on the backgrounds).
      • It's also likely that that cockpit was made after this since "The Rescue" was almost definitely filmed after production for this movie wrapped.
  • When Jayden's Shark Sword destroys the Moogers around Scott and Antonio, two can be seen flying backward towards some trees but then vanishing before reaching them. This was an error for the CGI in the movie.
  • Jayden gives Ranger Red the Shark Attack disc to use before he had received it himself.[3]
  • Giant Moogers can be briefly seen in General Gut's army, but then completely disappear for the entire fight scene.
  • Serrator appears in this episode but due to the air date, he hasn't been revealed until Super Samurai.
  • During the moment Mike says "It's time to rage against the machine!", Professor Cog's wrench is on his right arm instead of his left.
  • In the opening theme the audio is slightly out of sync.
  • It is never shown what happened to Sharkjaw. It was said he was destroyed but never explained how.
  • Emily incorrectly calls her Seismic Swing attack Seismic Cyclone.

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