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Clark Fairweather is the brother of Angela Fairweather and the creator of the Battle Booster (or Mega Battle) armor used by Joel Rawlings and Chad Lee, he only appears in the episode "The Mighty Mega Battles".


When Captain Mitchell discussed needing something more against the warrior-themed monster, Infinitor, he inquired about Miss Fairweather's brother's, Clark, new technology, something which Angela excitedly realized would be of great use to them. Angela thought of her brother as "a brilliant scientist", relaying to the Lightspeed Rangers that he'd "written the book" on energy transformation. When Mitchell asked whether or not he'd be willing to help, Angela replied in the affirmative, saying he'd do anything for them and called him right away.

When Clark arrived, Joel noticed he was carrying a box and boquet of flowers. Not realizing who he was, directed him to Angela's office when he asked and was later properly introduced to him. Jealous of Clark and Angela's interactions, Joel assumes he's a possible sweetheart of Miss Fairweather. He attempts to butt in on their progress on the Battle Boosters, feigning knowledge of their project with the offer to help out. Miss Fairweather began to turn down his offer, but Clark took him aside and told him there was only one more test to do. Clark leads Joel into a booth and asks him to help with the complex wiring, stating that it would be "no problem" for someone like him, before leaving. Joel's ignorance to the schematics of the Battle Booster's wiring results in a blackout on the Aquabase when he turns the machine on.

Afterward, Clark and Angela have a moment to themselves to celebrate, overlooking the lake in his convertible and toasted to the completion of the Mega Battles. Later, Angela went to confront the eavesdropping Joel and Chad, leaving Clark in the car when it was attacked by a meteor shower by Infinitor. Clark was unconscious when Joel rescued him from the burning car, he came to moments later when a distressed Angela called out to him. The two watched as Joel and Chad fought with the Mega Battles and he later thanked Joel in the Aquabase for saving him. After his departure, Angela revealed to Joel that Clark was her brother, not her boyfriend.


Clark is a kind and genroious young man, he loves Angela and will do anything to make her happy, he is incredible smart, being able to create weapons that are powerful enough to defeat a demon like Infinitor.


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