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Cicada Evo (セミシンカ Semishinka, 27) is the cicada-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

Cicada Evo emerged as part of a multi-part scheme: while proving its destructive capabilities on its own, it was actually working with Princess Chimera to create a large massive brood of Cicada Evo created and hibernating underground to emerge and cause massive wide-scale destruction when they awaken. The Dynaman happen upon the scheme when an insect-collecting boy discovers Cicada Evo and tries to catch him believing him a special species of cicada. The Dynaman initially discover the cave where the cicada brood rested, but Cicada Evo used its chirps combined with a relay of parabolas set up around the cave to prevent the Dynaman from getting any further while the boy becomes hurt by the creature.

While tending to the boy to make sure he gets better, the Dynaman discover one of the parabola broken off during the battle and decide to use their discovery to their advantage. The next time they assault the cave, they are able to sneak in and destroy the hibernating cicada brood; when Cicada Evo faces them, they use a combination of five parabolas when it starts chirping to negate and harm it with its own power before weakening it with Super Dynamite. Once it undergoes Big Bang Process, it attacks the Dynaman who end up weakening it by knocking it out with Beat Hammer before destroying it with Lightning Gravity Fall.


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Modus and Arsenal

Cicada Evo possessed a powerful supersonic wave from its chirping, allowing for it to destroy buildings and objects with its sonic blasts, and can change its size.


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Behind the Scenes


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