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Ciara Chantel Hanna (born January 20, 1991) is the actress who portrays Gia Moran, the Yellow Megaforce Ranger in Power Rangers Megaforce. She is an actress, performer and model and had appeared in America's Next Top Model and the Bold and the Beautiful, as well as in small roles in Revenge and Big Time Rush and "iCarly".

She actually auditioned to be the Yellow Samurai Ranger, but turned down the position because it, 'didn't feel right'. Additionally, Ciara Hanna, when contacted about doing Megaforce, initially tried out to be the Pink Megaforce Ranger, but she and Christina Masterson switched positions at some point. [1]

Though Ciara Hanna did enjoy playing her role as Gia, she, like Cameron Jebo, had not been fully satisfied with how Super Megaforce had turned out as the two had been expecting more out of the season and its conclusion.

So much did she enjoy playing Gia, that she responded to MorphinLegacy's tweet that she would play Raptor 283's Power Rangers counterpart to mirror Mao Ichimichi playing GokaiYellow and Washi Pink.

It was annouced that she is pregnant.

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