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Ciara Chantel Hanna is an American actress and model who portrayed Gia Moran/Megaforce Yellow/Super Megaforce Yellow in Power Rangers Megaforce and Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

She has appeared in series such as America's Next Top Model, Bold and the Beautiful, Revenge, Big Time Rush, ICarly, and Sam & Cat.


Hanna began acting and modeling at the age of 10.

Personal Life

  • Hanna had auditioned and landed the role of Emily/Samurai Yellow, but ultimately turned down the role as she didn't resonate with the character. Afterwards, she auditioned for Megaforce and landed the role of Emma Goodall/Megaforce Pink, later swapping roles with Christina Masterson, who had initially been cast as Gia.[1]
  • While Hanna did enjoy playing Gia, she like Cameron Jebo, had expressed their disappointment with the show's story and lackluster conclusion. Hanna also did express her interest in playing the Power Rangers counterpart to Raptor 283, should Kyuranger ever get adapted, mirroring Mao Ichimichi's roles as both Raptor and Gia's counterpart Luka.

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  • http://awwman.com/nps/main/2015/05/episode-191-interview-with-ciara-hanna/
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