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"Getting the kid to open the box was almost too easy, Rita's gonna be pleased."
―Chunky Chicken[src]

Chunky Chicken is a chicken monster created by Finster

Character History

When Rita Repulsa asked for a truly cruel monster, Finster created Chunky Chicken for her. He captured Maria, a young girl who Kimberly and Trini were babysitting, and used her to open a chest to retrieve the Power Eggs, as the chest could only be opened by a child. The Chunky Chicken used a pair of giant scissors to tear a hole in the fabric of time and space in order to move around. The Chunky Chicken was destroyed by the Megazord, after unsuccessfully trying to duck the Power Sword.

Powers and Abilities


  • Wields a giant pair of scissors that allows Chunky Chicken to create dimensional rifts.


  • While no original footage of Chunky Chicken was made, the costume was used for promotional shots as seen in the Power Rangers Collect-A-Cards series..
  • Chunky Chicken's costume was later redesigned to become Turkey Jerk.

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