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"Getting the kid to open the box was almost too easy, Rita's gonna be pleased."
―Chunky Chicken's first words when the viewers cut to the Power Eggs cave from the Command Center lecture.[src]

"Yeah. Power Eggs."
―Chunky Chicken parroting Rita when she demanded the Power Eggs at the old factory and his final words before his destruction.[src]

The Chunky Chicken was a chicken monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "Big Sisters."


Rita Repulsa finds a chest containing the legendary Morphin Masters' Power Eggs and desires to use them to somehow destroy the Power Rangers. However, a forcefield prevents her from getting to them as it needs purehearted children to access. Deciding to kidnap Kimberly and Trini's charge Maria, the Chunky Chicken is created by Finster, although why he was chosen in particular is not clear. When Maria is kidnapped by the Putty Patrol, the Chunky Chicken forces her to open the chest and escorts Goldar, Squatt and Baboo as they bring the Power Eggs back to the Moon Palace. When the Rangers arrive to save Maria, the monster fights them after they lose the Power Eggs and even manages to deflect Kimberly's Power Bow arrows but is beaten down by Trini. He then goes to the warehouse district with Maria held captive and drops her when the Megazord arrives, but she is saved and taken to safety in the Radbug. Enraged, Rita enlarges the Chunky Chicken in a fit of rage with the monster using its dimensional powers to overwhelm the Rangers. However, they punch it down and destroy the Chunky Chicken with the Power Sword which bowls him over and he explodes.


Chunky Chicken was a cruel, spiteful and menacing monster who was also cunning, unpredictable and resourceful. However, he was also completely loyal to Rita, even though she said that the sight of him made her sick.

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: The Chunky Chicken could knock back the Megazord with a single kick.
  • Flying: The Chunky Chicken could float in the air by himself without flapping his wings despite the fact that chickens can’t fly.


  • Speed: The Chunky Chicken could react fast enough to deflect Power Bow arrows with his shears.


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  • Giant Shears: The Chunky Chicken had massive hedge shears to use either as clubs or to deflect the Power Bow's arrows.
  • Scissors: When giant, the Chunky Chicken had regular scissors to use in combat.
    • Dimensional Teleportation: The Chunky Chicken could cut a blue line in our dimension and enter it to transport between dimensions. He would then pop out elsewhere and attack the enemy in a surprise attack.

Behind the Scenes



  • He is based on a chicken.


  • His name alluded to his stout figure and that he was a chicken.


  • The Chunky Chicken was originally two monsters merged into one monster which was why Chunky Chicken kept changing size and had a hat that occasionally disappeared. Even the Zord fight was a conglomeration of both monster fights.
  • While no original footage of the Chunky Chicken was made, the costume was used for promotional shots as seen in the Power Rangers Collect-A-Cards series.
  • The Chunky Chicken's costume was later re-used for Turkey Jerk.
  • When Chunky Chicken came out of the Monster-Matic, a sinister rock version of "Old McDonald" plays.


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