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This article is about a/an ranger/crossover character in the Power Rangers franchise.
"It’s Morphin Time! Blazing Phoenix!"
―Chun-Li’s morph call[src]

Chun-Li is a martial artist and an interpol agent from the Street Fighter series of video games. With the power of the Blazing Phoenix Power Coin, she becomes the Chun-Li Ranger.

Character History

Legacy Wars

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Street Fighter Showdown

M. Bison had captured Ninjor and used his psychic powers to force him to forge a new Power Coin with the power of the Blazing Phoenix. Before M. Bison could use the Power Coin, the Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger managed to take it from him and gave the coin to Chun-Li. Chun-Li was able to use the Power Coin to become the Chun-Li Ranger.



  • Houkouen -
  • Kasairyuu - An enhanced, blazing kick that evades enemy attacks and hits with such force that it rends the earth asunder.
  • Hyakugouka - Chun-Li repeatedly hits her target with a rapid flurry of kicks.
  • Phoenix Dance - Chun-Li does a high kick to send her opponents into the air, then spins and flies up into the air with energy constucts of phoenix wings, then repeatedly kicks the target in various ways sending then hurtling towards the ground with her last kick.
  • Spinning Phoenix - A variant of Chun-Li's famed Spinning Bird Kick attack, where she spins with her legs stretched out to repeatedly kick her opponent. Enhanced by her Ranger powers, the kick sets her foe ablaze with flame energy from her feet.


  • Pyrokinesis/Flame Constucts - Chun-Li can manipulate flame with her Phoenix powers to enhance her attacks or create constructs such as flaming bird wings for limited flight capability.



Behind the Scenes

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