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"[Auxiliary/Power-Up] (Dino Fury Key name)!"
―Dino Fury Keys insertion announcement[src]

The Chromafury Saber is the sidearm of the Dino Fury Rangers in Power Rangers Dino Fury.[1] This weapon can also be turned into a dagger, as the Dino Dagger.


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When an auxiliary Dino Fury Key is inserted in the mouth, opened by the lever on the back, the user can access armor and powers based on the inserted key.

To summon an armament or armor, a Dino Fury Ranger inserts a Boost Key or a Battle Armor Key and "chomps" twice with the Chromafury Saber to begin the process, then chomps an additional four times, then pulls the trigger to summon the armament sleeve/battle armor.

Finishing Strike

To perform a finishing strike, a Dino Fury Ranger will insert their Zord Key and "chomp" twice to activate, then another 4 times to fully charge their Saber. Once fully charged they can unleash a T-Rex, Tricera, Ankylo, Tiger or Stego Fury Strike. Which materializes the head of their respective Zord which then bites through the target and detonates


After summoning a Megazord, the Chromafury Saber is inserted into a slot to the right of the piloting Ranger(s). For the final attack in a Megazord, whichever Ranger is not using the Mega Fury Saber will instead use their Chromafury Sabers for the attack.


  • The Chromafury Saber's alternate dagger mode is a Power Rangers exclusive feature not present in Ryusoulger.
  • Despite the fact it is called the Chromafury Saber, it has yet to be called by that name in the series.


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