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"[Auxiliary/Power-Up] (Dino Fury Key name)!"
―Dino Fury Keys insertion announcement[src]

The Chromafury Saber is the sidearm of the Dino Fury Rangers in Power Rangers Dino Fury.[1] This weapon can also be turned into a dagger, as the Dino Dagger.


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When an auxiliary Dino Fury Key is inserted in the dinosaur head-shaped mouth, opened by the lever on the back, the user can access armor and powers based on the inserted key.

To summon an armament or armor, a Dino Fury Ranger inserts a Boost Key or a Battle Armor Key and "chomps" twice with the Chromafury Saber to begin the process, then chomps an additional four times, then pulls the trigger to summon the armament sleeve/battle armor.

Finishing Strike

To perform a finishing strike, a Dino Fury Ranger will insert their Zord Key and "chomp" twice to activate, then another 4 times to fully charge their Saber. Once fully charged they can unleash a T-Rex, Tricera, Ankylo, Tiger or Stego Fury Strike. Which materializes the head of their respective Zord which then bites through the target and detonates


After summoning a Megazord, the Chromafury Saber is inserted into a slot to the right of the piloting Ranger(s). For the final attack in a Megazord, whichever Ranger is not using the Mega Fury Saber will instead use their Chromafury Sabers for the attack.


  • The Chromafury Saber's alternate dagger mode is a Power Rangers exclusive feature not present in Ryusoulger.
  • It is only mentioned as the Chromafury Saber in one episode, Numero Uno, when Zayto says "Its useless without a Chromafury Saber, and we have Void Knight's"


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