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Choushinsei Flashman: The Movie was released at the spring Toei Manga Matsuri film festival on March 15, 1986.


The Flashman find themselves protecting a puppy targeted by Mess due to it being the weakness of a chimera Beast Warrior.



Red Flash Jin
Green Flash Dai
Blue Flash Bun
Yellow Flash Sara
Pink Flash Lou


Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess


  • This movie can occur anytime between episodes 2 and 15, but easily fits between 2 and 3 due to Mess abducting animals for usage as genetic samples in their Beast Warrior experiments in this movie, giving an in-universe explanation for the Beast Warriors created from here onwards that have basis in Earth creatures.
  • This movie premiered in theaters on the same day as episode 3's broadcast on TV.

DVD/Blu-ray releases

Super Sentai The Movie Vol 3

Super Sentai: The Movie Volume 3 DVD cover.

Super Sentai The Movie Blu Ray Volume 2

Super Sentai: The Movie Volume 2 Blu Ray Cover.

Super Sentai The Movie Blu Ray Box Set


  • Choushinsei Flashman: The Movie is included on Super Sentai: The Movie Blu-ray Box 1976-1995, a blu-ray compilation box set of 15 theatrical Super Sentai movies.[2]


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