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Choushinsei Flashman (超新星フラッシュマン Chōshinsei Furasshuman, translated into English as Supernova Flashman) is the 10th Super Sentai series produced by Toei Company and Bandai. It aired on TV Asahi on March 1, 1986 to February 21, 1987. The series was broadcast in Brazil and Peru as Comando Estelar Flashman (English: Star Commando Flashman), France as simply Flashman, and in Republic of Korea as Earth Protector Flashman (지구방위대 후뢰시맨 Jigu Bangwidae Huloesimaen).

The average ratings of the series was 12.3%.[1]


"One day, five children from Earth disappeared to the edge of space. And twenty years later..."
In 1966, five children were kidnapped by an alien group known as the Alien Hunters, for the sake of the Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess, who wanted samples of humans from Earth to experiment on. They were rescued by the Flash alien race, each one of the five rescued children was taken to a different planet of the Flash solar system for training.

Each of them was trained separately from the others in a range of superpower abilities which would will allow them to fight the Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess.

When they finally returned to Earth in 1986 to combat Mess, who is now trying to invade, they use the opportunity to search for their birth parents. It is later that they learn they can only stay on Earth for one year before the now-alien atmosphere of their true planet will physically harm them (the Anti-Flash Phenomenon).



Flashman unhenshined

The team.

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Color Role Actor
Red Flash Jin Touta Tarumi
Green Flash Dai Kihachiro Uemura
Blue Flash Bun Yasuhiro Ishiwata
Yellow Flash Sara Tokimura Youko Nakamura
Pink Flash Lou Mayumi Yoshida

The Flashmen


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Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess

Alien Hunters


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Transformation Devices


Individual Weapons

  • Prism Holy Sword
  • Prism Kaiser
  • Prism Ball
  • Star Darts
  • Prism Batons
  • Shocking Beads
  • Prism Boots
  • Shocking Hearts

Team Cannon

  • Rolling Vulcan
    • Red Vul
    • Green Vul
    • Blue Vul
    • Yellow Vul
    • Pink Vul



Legend:◆ 1-pilot mecha, 2-pilot mecha, ✶ team-piloted mecha, ◇ unpiloted mecha, ➲ carrier mecha


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  1. Ep. 1: Hurry! Save the Earth (急げ! 地球を救え Isoge! Chikyū o Sukue)
  2. Ep. 2: Behold! The Giant Robo (見たか! 巨大ロボ Mita ka! Kyodai Robo)
  3. Ep. 3: An Old Enemy? Hunter! (宿敵? ハンター! Shukuteki? Hantā!)
  4. Ep. 4: Mag is a Genius Robo?! (マグは天才ロボ?! Magu wa Tensai Robo?!)
  5. Ep. 5: In the Care of the Female Warriors! (女戦士に御用心! Onna Senshi ni Go-yōjin!)
  6. Ep. 6: Roar! Machine (ほえろ! マシーン Hoero! Mashīn)
  7. Ep. 7: Balloon! Become a Weapon (風船よ武器になれ Fūsen yo Buki ni Nare)
  8. Ep. 8: Father!! Mother!! Little Sisters! (父よ! 母よ! 妹よ Chichi yo! Haha yo! Imōto yo)
  9. Ep. 9: The Doctor Who Travels Through Time (時をかける博士 Toki o Kakeru Hakase)
  10. Ep. 10: Attack! The Flower Girl's Trap (撃て! 花少女の罠 Ute! Hana Shōjo no Wana)
  11. Ep. 11: Lou is the Beast Warrior's Mother (ルーは獣戦士の母 Rū wa Jū Senshi no Haha)
  12. Ep. 12: Super Power! Wanda (超パワー! ワンダ Chō Pawā! Wanda)
  13. Ep. 13: Intense Battle! Danger, Jin (激闘! 危うしジン Gekitō! Ayaushi Jin)
  14. Ep. 14: Love!? Bun and the Female Gangster (恋!? ブンとスケ番 Koi!? Bun to Sukeban)
  15. Ep. 15: The Giant Robo is Worn Out (巨大ロボ破れたり Kyodai Robo Yaburetari)
  16. Ep. 16: The Human Minimini Plan (人間ミニミニ作戦 Ningen Minimini Sakusen)
  17. Ep. 17: The Mysterious Giant Reckless Vehicle! (謎の巨大暴走車! Nazo no Kyodai Bōsō Kuruma!)
  18. Ep. 18: Big Turnaround! The Transforming Robo (大逆転! 変身ロボ Dai Gyakuten! Henshin Robo)
  19. Ep. 19: Baraki's Dying Warning (バラキ決死の伝言 Baraki Kesshi no Dengon)
  20. Ep. 20: Revival! Giant Robo! (復活! 巨大ロボ! Fukkatsu! Kyodai Robo!)
  21. Ep. 21: Sorrowful Sara (悲しみのサラ Kanashimi no Sara)
  22. Ep. 22: SOS! Phoenix! (SOS! 不死鳥! Esu Ō Esu! Fushichō!)
  23. Ep. 23: Heart-Throbbing Wishes! (お願いドキドキ! Onegai Dokidoki!)
  24. Ep. 24: The Occult Summer Vacation (オカルト夏休み Okaruto Natsuyasumi)
  25. Ep. 25: Hurry, Jin, Fusion is Impossible (急げジン合体不能 Isoge Jin Gattai Funō)
  26. Ep. 26: Space Pumpkin Cooking (宇宙カボチャ料理 Uchū Kabocha Ryōri)
  27. Ep. 27: Dai's Punch of Friendship (ダイ友情のパンチ Dai Yūjō no Panchi)
  28. Ep. 28: Sublime! Fiery Galus (壮絶! 炎のガルス Sōzetsu! Honō no Garusu)
  29. Ep. 29: Monstrous Warrior Wandarla (妖獣士ワンダーラ Yōjūshi Wandāra)
  30. Ep. 30: Bizarre Nefelura (怪奇ネフェルーラ Kaiki Neferūra)
  31. Ep. 31: It Vanished! The Power of the 5 (消えた! 5人の力(パワー) Kieta! Gonin no Pawā)
  32. Ep. 32: We Like You, We Like You, Mag, We Like You (すきすきマグすき Suki Suki Magu Suki)
  33. Ep. 33: Papa Won't Lose! (パパは負けない! Papa wa Makenai!)
  34. Ep. 34: Bun Disappeared in the Rapids (激流に消えたブン Gekiryū ni Kieta Bun)
  35. Ep. 35: The Starry Sky's Duet (星空のデュエット Hoshizora no Dyuetto)
  36. Ep. 36: The Shocking Wonder Slug (ドッキリ不思議虫 Dokkiri Fushigi Mushi)
  37. Ep. 37: A Ghost's First Love (幽霊の初恋 Yūrei no Hatsukoi)
  38. Ep. 38: The Day Jin Dies?! (ジンが死ぬ日?! Jin ga Shinu Hi?!)
  39. Ep. 39: Burn, Angry Sara (燃えろ怒りのサラ Moero Ikari no Sara)
  40. Ep. 40: Execution City, Operation XX (処刑都市XX作戦 Shokei Toshi Daburu Kurosu Sakusen)
  41. Ep. 41: Dai Becomes a Child (子供にされたダイ Kodomo ni Sareta Dai)
  42. Ep. 42: Don't Cry! Female Warriors (泣くな!女戦士 Naku na! Onna Senshi)
  43. Ep. 43: Kauler's Treachery! (カウラーの反逆! Kaurā no Hangyaku!)
  44. Ep. 44: Deus Beast Warriors Appear (デウス獣戦士出現 Deusu Jū Senshi Shutsugen)
  45. Ep. 45: Warriors! Leave the Earth (戦士よ地球を去れ Senshi yo Chikyū o Sare)
  46. Ep. 46: Only 20 Days to Live!! (たった20日の命!! Tatta Nijūichi no Inochi!!)
  47. Ep. 47: Wanda! Death Cry (ワンダ! 死の絶叫 Wanda! Shi no Zekkyō)
  48. Ep. 48: The End of Kauler!! (カウラーの最期!! Kaurā no Saigo!!)
  49. Ep. 49: Counterattack, Ra Deus (逆襲ラー・デウス Gyakushū Rā Deusu)
  50. Final Ep.: Farewell! Our Home Planet (さらば! 故郷の星 Saraba! Kokyō no Hoshi)


  1. Choushinsei Flashman: The Movie
  2. Flashman: Big Rally! Titan Boy! (Movie Version of episodes 15-18)

Stage Show


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Opening theme
Ending theme
Mecha theme
Insert themes
Character themes



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  • This is the first Sentai series to have a second robo, Great Titan.
  • This is the first Sentai series in which the last names of the Rangers are not revealed.
    • It is also the first Sentai series where all the Rangers have their names be in katakana format.
  • This is the first Sentai to have an opening narration before yelling the show title.
  • This is the final Sentai season to not have "Sentai" in the team's official name.
  • At the time of Flashman's release in 1986, it was identified as the "10th Super Sentai" series, starting from Himitsu Sentai Gorenger. Due to this, it marks the 10th anniversary. However two years later, Choujuu Sentai Liveman would be considered the 10th, with the franchise only counting from the modernization of the concept with 1979's Battle Fever J. Goranger and J.A.K.Q. would not return to Super Sentai status until 1995's Chouriki Sentai Ohranger was identified as the 19th, at the time of the 20th anniversary of Gorenger.
  • While initially from Earth, this is the first Sentai series in which the Rangers did not grow up on Earth. The first team to be comprised of Rangers not at all from Earth wouldn't be until Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, 25 years later.
  • First Sentai team to not have a mentor.
  • This is the only French-dubbed Sentai season in the 80s before Turboranger to not be titled under a Bioman name.
  • Despite lacking a Power Rangers counterpart, their suits still appear in Super Megaforce. They are given the name Prism.
  • Yutaka Hirose (Ley Wanda), Jouji Nakata (Sir Cowler) and Yoshinori Okamoto (Bo Gardan) are castmates in Choujuu Sentai Liveman.

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