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,who was known by the Spanish Saint Seiya fans for singing "La Cancion de los Héroes", the first opening for Saint Seiya when it was dubbed in Spain. This song was used as an opening theme for Choujuu Sentai Liveman when it aired in Spain between 1989 and 1991 as Bioman. It uses the same melody and lyrics of the second Choudenshi Bioman French dub's opening theme.

Romanized Lyrics

Original Spanish lyrics Approximate translation into English

Mitad hombre, mitad robot
No hay héroe más valiente
Bioman, Bioman
Defensor de la Tierra

Cual arcoíris arrollador
Rojo, Rosa, Verde, Oro, Azul
Bioman, Bioman
Héroe Universal

Las fuerzas del mal
Del vacio sideral
Bioman, Bioman
Sabrás combatirlas

Te esperan las aventuras
Que preparan el futuro
Bioman, Bioman
Defensor de la Tierra

Muchos hombres ansían tener
Tu coraje, tu fuerza, tu saber
Bioman, Bioman
Héroe del porvenir

Half man and Half robot
There isn't a braver hero
Bioman, Bioman
Defender of the Earth

Like an overwhelming rainbow
Red, Pink, Green, Golden and Blue
Bioman, Bioman
Universal Hero

The forces of evil
From the sidereal space'
Bioman, Bioman
You know how to fight them

Adventures await you
That prepare (our) future
Bioman, Bioman
Defender of the Earth

Many men wish to have
Your courage,your strength and your knowledge
Bioman, Bioman
Hero of the future


  • Despite Liveman never having a pink ranger, the lyrics made mention of the Bioman colours. This was because the lyrics were a near-translation of Bernard Minet's opening song used for Choudenshi Bioman when it aired in France on TF1.
  • Choujuu Sentai Liveman aired in Spain on TVE1 between 1989 and 1991 as Bioman (whose title in the French dub was Bioman 3: Liveman), due to Choudenshi Bioman and Hikari Sentai Maskman (known in France as Bioman 2: Maskman) not being aired in the country, with the "3" ditched from the title, as the series in the country was translated from the French dub (Bioman 3).
  • The second Sentai which aired in Spain, Kousoku Sentai Turboranger (aired as "Turbo Ranger"), differently from Liveman, didn't had an opening song in the dub (before each episode the Turborangers' rollcall footage is shown, with at the end of the rollcall showing the title "Turbo Ranger" superimposed in the screen with Riki saying "Adelante!" (Onwards!) and the other Turborangers saying "Turboranger!", which is how their rollcall was translated when the show aired in the country.[1]

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