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This song is a Spanish language version of the original Choujuu Sentai Liveman opening.


Spanish lyrics Approximate translation into English

|Una tormenta podras escuchar,

es un rayo que muy fuerte brillara

por el mundo, contra la oscuridad

sigue luchando, tu estrella encontraras.

Un eco de luz, debes encender,

al enemigo exterminaras

tienes una gran ideal.

Por eso, Liveman! Liveman! ven a luchar!

Brilla! brilla, por tu ideal

tienes el poder, lo demostraras

nadie te detendrá.

Por eso, Liveman! Liveman! ven a luchar!

Como un rayo en la oscuridad

Arde, consumete y estalla

Quema al enemigo con tus llamas

El poder lo tienes tu, Liveman!

A storm you can hear,
it is a ray that will shine stronger
for the world, against the darkness
keep fighting, you'll find your star.
An echo of light, you shall light,
you will destroy the enemy
you have a great ideal.

For this, Liveman! Liveman! go to fight!
Spark! spark, for your ideal
you have the power, you'll demonstrate it
nobody will stop you.
For this, Liveman! Liveman! go to fight!
Like a ray in the darkness
Burn, consume and burst
Burn your enemy with your flames
You have the power, Liveman!


  • Like the song, also the opening narration was translated as

"Estos tres jóvenes han jurado proteger toda forma de vida. Ellos son... Liveman!" ("These three youths have sworn to protect every lifeform. They are... Liveman!")

  • In Peru, the series was dubbed in Spanish on Panamericana Televisión and on Frecuencia Latina as Super Fuerza Liveman (Super Force Liveman) between 1992 and 1995 and it made a huge success. In Bolivia, the show was aired once on ATB Red Nacional and wasn't aired anymore. In Ecuador, was aired on Ecuavisa in the 90's and it enjoyed the same success as in Peru.

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