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"It’s Morphin Time! HyperForce! Pink! Ready! Power Up!"
―morphing call[src]

Chloe Ashford is HyperForce Pink.[1]

Chloe's father is Mr. Ashford, the true villain of The Alliance.

Character History

Chloe was a troublemaking student of Time Force Academy who got into the school on a scholarship. She snuck an evidence box out of a window and planned to take it, only for Jack to see her on his way to a lecture and put her in plasma restraint handcuffs. She explained to Jack she was going to take it as it would only "go to waste" if it was kept in the evidence room. She tries to sweet talk her way out of her predicament, even offering to take Jack to get donuts, but Jack insists on taking her to see Dean Hines so she can be disciplined for stealing property on school grounds. Chloe and Jack then see Dean Hines acting strange, slowly approaching Jen Scotts and then running to attack her. Realizing something is wrong, Jack undoes Chloe's restraints and they go to help Jen.

Receiving Zordon's call through the Morphin Grid, the six HyperForce Rangers were among those who rallied to his pocket dimension for the final stand against Lord Drakkon. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 29


On the exterior, Chloe is a bubbly and fun-loving personality who loves joking around and cooking burritos when she's not fighting evil. However, on the inside, she sports that bright and positive facade simply to cope with her fears and insecurities, which she kept hidden from her teammates for a while. She also has a tendency to steal items she deems useful. While often frowned upon, her habit occasionally ensures that her teammates have handy weapons and equipment when they're needed.

RPG Bio: Clever, Does What's Right Even If It Means Bending The Rules, Loves Food

HyperForce Pink

Pink Ranger

HyperForce Pink has the power over wind, able to create powerful gusts and tornadoes and move at superhuman speed.



By using the Pink Power Gem given by King Arthur & Lady Guinevere, Chloe can don her Battlizer Armor.

Behind the Scenes



Chloe is portrayed by Meghan Camarena.


  • Chloe is the first Power Ranger to wield a scythe weapon. It is mostly wielded by monsters such as Praying Mantis from In Space.
  • Unlike most Pink Rangers, HyperForce Pink's shade of pink is much lighter and less bright than the traditional shade of pink of other Pink Rangers.
  • Chloe is the first female Power Ranger to receive an individual Battlizer.
    • Even though Mia wore the Shogun Armour, she only wore it on one occasion and it wasn't her own. It was given to, and mostly used by, Jayden Shiba.
  • Chloe loves burritos, and introduced them (over a millennium too early) to King Arthur's court in Episode 11: A Ranger in King Arthur's Court.
  • In several episodes, Chloe remains morphed for the entirety of the episode. Unlike other instances in the past such as Tommy Oliver, Sam, and Scott Truman, there is no necessity requiring her to stay morphed; rather, she chooses to stay morphed due to her own vanity.


Both Marvin and Chloe joined Time Force to find their missing family member (s) - Marv along with Chloe, seem to follow the romantic relationship developing between Eddie and Vesper.

Eddie and Chloe are good friends - Eddie was shown in "Whatever Happened to Scorpina?" to share (not to such an extent) her love of Burritos. Chloe along with fellow Hyperforce Ranger Marv, seem to follow the romantic relationship developing between Eddie and Vesper.

Chloe and Vesper quickly become friends shortly after their journey together begins. They tend to confide in each other when they need to vent their fears and frustrations. Chloe often assists Vesper when repairs and adjustments need to be made to the time ship.

Jack first met Chloe as she was acting rather suspicious during the first Alliance attack at Time Force Academy. While not very trusting of her initially, the two become good friends, although Jack does keep a watchful eye on her to ensure she keeps her kleptomaniacal tendencies to a minimum.

Joe and Chloe seem to have a friendly relationship. Chloe's food antics tend to annoy Joe - mostly to comedic effect.



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