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Crystal Clear User.png This ranger is also known as the Mystic Titan (zord), Mystic Garuda
Crystal Clear User.png This ranger is also known as the part of the consciousness of the zord, Mystic Lion

"Fast as Lightning~Yellow Mystic Ranger"
―roll call as Yellow Mystic Ranger[src]

"Element of Lightning~Yellow Legend Warrior!"
―roll call as Yellow Legend Warrior[src]

Charlie "Chip" Thorn is the Yellow Mystic Ranger.


Chip is the self-proclaimed "Superhero Expert". Chip is considered a little odd as he loves fairy tales and phases in and out of reality, and repeatedly wore a superhero costume to high school and even to the prom. He was deemed by Madison as "the perfect example of a non-human species".

Chip is a fantastic archer, a member of the chess club at school, and a part of COUNTV - Containment Of Underworld Nocturnal Transylvanian Vampires.

Chip had no problem believing in magic and accepting his destiny as a Mystic Ranger. Chip is always cheerful and eager to learn all he can about magic.

Despite their wildly different personalities, Chip has been close friends with Vida ever since she stuck up for him when they were children. When she was turned into a vampire, he showed a far more serious and intense side in his attempts to save her, including taking on Koragg and Necrolai by himself, thus shows that they share a close bond.

Necrolai had cursed Chip with a soul specter, which starts to swallow him from the inside. Chip joined Daggeron on a trip to the dreaded Mount Isis to be freed from the spell. They get the Staff of Topaz and reversed the curse. Daggeron decided to train Chip on how to be a knight.

Chip and the Rangers gets trapped in an alternate reality where the Rangers never existed. They go to the Tribunal of Magic for help, and they later undid everything and gained new armor.

Mystical Battle

During the final battle, Chip aided his fellow Rangers in using their combined magic to destroy the Master. Later, he was last seen telling fictionalized tales of his battles as a Power Ranger to ladies from both realms.

Super Megaforce

Chip returning alongside his fellow Rangers

Chip and the other Mystic Rangers returned as part of the army of Legendary Rangers that helped the Mega Rangers defeat the Armada once and for all, fighting in a huge battle against hundreds of X Borgs and dozens of Bruisers. Legendary Battle


  • Mrs. (unnamed) Thorn - Mother (mentioned) Fire Heart

Yellow Mystic Ranger

As the Yellow Mystic Ranger, Chip wields the power of lightning. His main weapon is the Magi Staff Crossbow. He owns a Mystic Racer and his Titan Form is the Mystic Garuda, which becomes the wings for both the Mystic Dragon and Titan Megazord. With his Legend powers, he can merge with Xander, Vida, and Madison to form the Mystic Lion.

Ranger Costume


Appearances: MF Episodes 2-18, 20-30, 32, SM Episodes 20 & LBEV

The Mystic Garuda is the bird-like Mystic Titan form of the Yellow Ranger. Forms the wings of the Titan Megazord and the dragon. Has enormous wings in place of arms.

Additional Combinations
Appearances: MF Episodes 3-9, 12, 13, 16-18, 20, 23, 26-28, 30

Legend Mode


Appearances: MF Episodes 20-22, 24, 26-32

A zord created when the Green, Pink, Yellow, and Blue Mystic Rangers combine into one being. This massive white lion zord forms the majority of the Manticore Megazord.

Additional Combinations
Appearances: MF Episodes 20, 21, 24, 26-29, 31, 32

Ranger Key

The Yellow Mystic Ranger Key.

The Yellow Mystic Ranger Key is Chip's personal Ranger Key. This key along with the majority of the Core Ranger Keys are seen lining the Command Center's interior walls. This key is mainly used by Gia Moran (Super Megaforce Yellow) who uses it to fight as the Yellow Mystic Ranger.


Behind the Scenes



  • Chip's name was mentioned in the episode "Tough Love" of Super Ninja Steel in Preston's book.
  • He is the only Male Yellow Ranger whose counterpart is not a ninja:
    • The Alien Rangers are not considered ninja outside of the Legendary Battle, as they're seen with the Wind and Thunder Rangers
    • His counterpart has worked with the counterpart's of Tori (Nanami Nono-Boukenger vs Super Sentai) and Preston (Yakumo Katou-Shinobi 38)
  • According to his profile on the Jetix website, Chip's Ranger motif was a Thunderbird, a legendary creature in certain North American indigenous peoples' history & culture.


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