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"Soon, the Morphin Grid will be mine!"
Evox when unveiling the Chimera Zord.[src]

The Chimera Zord is a huge Zord that serves as the personal Zord of Evox.


After having Robo-BlazeRobo-Roxy and Snide to kidnap Keeper whilst under mind control due to the effects of the Compliance Collar, Evox instructed Keeper to tell him all hisDino Charge Rangers secrets and within some of the secrets Keeper told Evox was how the Dino Charge Rangers created a zord. Evox insisted that he wants the Energems in order to create a zord eternal combining the Red, Blue Black and Gold Energems. Finders Keepers

It was created by Evox and Scrozzle by using the powers of Keeper's staff, Evox's warrior spirit, and four of the Energems to empower some geodes. He unveiled it before the assembled Mighty Morphin, Dino Thunder, and Dino Charge Rangers before blasting them all to the ground with a devastating laser barrage. Knowing that they were no match on foot, the Rangers summoned the Thundersaurus Megazord, Dino Charge Megazord, and original Megazord to fight it. Neither the Dino Drill nor the Stego Saber had any effect so the Dino Charge Megazord changed into its Tri-Stego Ptera Formation but not even the Stego Saber Lightning Charge Final Strike had any effect on the Chimera Zord. Luckily, Commander Shaw was able to send the Beast-X King Zord through the portal and Devon deployed by himself as the others were too injured to fight. It then combined with the Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Stego Ptera formation to form the Beast-X King Formation. The Megazords then combined their powers to fire a super charged fire blast from the Beast-X King Zord's head which blasted the Zord into space where it exploded although Evox was able to escape. Grid Connection

Powers and Abilities

  • Brute Strength: The Chimera Zord possesses incredible strength thanks to its colossal size.
  • Durability: The Chimera Zord has extremely thick skin that meant that the Thundersaurus Megazord's Dino Drill finishing attack nor the Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Stego-Ptera Formation's Lightning Charge had no effect.
  • Flight: The Chimera Zord is able to fly using its massive wings.
  • Energy Beams: The Chimera Zord can shoot powerful and massive red energy beams from its heads. These beams can also be fired in a clockwise rotation and are strong enough to take down all three Dino Ranger teams at once.


  • Multiple Heads: The Chimera Zord can use its seven heads in combat to fire its energy beams.



  • The Chimera Zord is similar to both Serpentera and the Lothorzord, in the sense that they are all mechanical robots, however their Sentai counterparts are actually living beings. Jason himself compared the Chimera Zord to Serpentera.
  • Given Evox's resemblances and characteristics to the biblical Devil, the Chimera Zord resembles the number of the Beast given its six heads and quadrupedal appearance of a hydra. 
  • This is the second Chimera-themed Zord in the Power Rangers Franchise seeing as the Gravezord from the Boom! Studio Comics is arguably the first, but The Chimera Zord is the first in the main continuity,

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