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Created by Ura from a mud puppet infused with energy from the Elephant, Giraffe, Bear and Polar GaoJewels he obtained. Chimera Org is made up of the traits from these four Power Animals. Intent on modifying his creation with the other GaoJewels, Ura sent Chimera Org at the Gaorangers, with it able to withstand the Hyakujuuken. Shirogane attempted to fight the Org until his Power Animals return to him and allow Shirogane to transform into GaoSilver and killed the Org with his "Evil-Crushing Seijuu Orbs" attack. TsueTsue revives Chimera Org, who is then destroyed by GaoKing Striker and GaoHunter Justice.



  • Chimera Org was designed by character designer Yoshiro Harada.
  • Chimera Org is the only Baron Org in Gaoranger with an animal motif as all other Baron Orgs before and after him has had an object motif.

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