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"You're nothing like Leanbow."

Chimera (Mystic Force)'s transformation

Chimera is a composite three-headed monster and is one of the many creatures of the Underworld, he serves as the primary antagonist of the two-part episode "Heir Apparent". He is the final monster to be summoned by Imperious and is the final monster to be fought by the Mystic Force Power Rangers as a whole.


Imperious used the energy he stole from Solar Streak Megazord to create Chimera in the Dimension of Wandering Souls. He stated that from the souls of all the warriors Leanbow had defeated, the Chimera has all of those powers. The monster then did battle with Daggeron, and helped Imperious defeat him. Chimera then went to the Human World, and butted into the battle between the Rangers and Koragg. The Rangers tried to battle the super monster, but he was too powerful, even with their Legend Powers. After defeating them, Chimera ordered Koragg to send the Rangers to the Underworld.

After Leanbow saved the Rangers and Udonna, he transported them to another dimension. Though Imperious, Necrolai, and Chimera soon caught up with them. The teens morphed and battle Chimera again, without their Legend Powers. But again Chimera proved to be too powerful. He was only stopped for a short while when Solaris Knight came to the rescue on Brightstar, the Unicorn. The Unicorn then transported the Rangers back to the Human world, and Imperious sent Chimera after them. In the Human world, Chimera grew to giant size. Nick used Brightstar, morphed them both to Titan Zord form, and combined together to form the Phoenix Unizord. The new Megazord battled Chimera, and the other Rangers formed the Mystic Dragon to join in the battle. However, the Chimera was still too great, and he threw the Mystic Dragon at the Phonex Unizord and blasted them with his extremely strong Hyper Lighting Breath, and soon the Mystic Dragon fell to Chimera's power. The Centaurus Wolf Megazord then showed up during the battle, and waited to fight the Phoenix Unizord. The Unizord prolonged the battle until he killed the Chimera so the monster used his Lightning Breath again but it was stopped by the Unizord's spear. The Pheonix Unizord was able to gather all the strength needed, and use the Final Strike attack to destroy Chimera for good. Tvicon.pngHeir Apparent


The Chimera is a monster that is a mishmash of all of the fallen warriors that Leanbow had defeated 19 years ago and all monsters that rangers destroyed. He has three heads that can individually speak and they are it's main vampire-like head (which also had a small vampire bat-like face on top of it which actually appears to be its tail biting its head) with two large ram-like horns in the back of the head, a chameleon woman-like head on his right shoulder pad and a bull head on his left shoulder pad. In addition to having black scaly upper arms, Chimera also has Dark Troll's left arm with claws on it's fingers, an eastern dragon head for a right hand, Screamer's feathers located on the the sides of of both his head and chest, a lobster-like face on it's neck, a lion-like face on both it's chest and stomach, a gold colored abdominal, black feathery upper legs, spiked armored middle legs with an eye-like appendages in the middle, and Clawbster's feet with two-clawed toes.


The Chimera is ruthless, bossy and headstrong monster. He is highly cruel, mean, arrogant, stubborn, destructive and is fond of causing destruction. He is also very sadistic and stubborn and will do anything to destroy the Power Rangers. It is shown that he dislikes the Rangers, especially Nick and compares him to Leanbow(fortunately unaware that Nick was actually Leanbow's son). But despite all of this, he shows the great loyalty to Imperious and loyaly does all his orders. However despite most of this he has an extreme grudge against Leanbow for destroying all of his past selves and wants revenge on him for that even to the point of unknowingly nearly harming his son Nick a.k.a. Bowen.

Powers And Abilities

Being composed from the souls of all of the undead warriors, the Chimera is one of the strongest and most powerful monsters in Mystic Force, as he is shown to single handedly defeat Daggeron and all five of the Mystic Rangers in their Legend Warrior Mode with little effort.

  • Super Physical Strength: The Chimera is one of the strongest monsters in terms of strength, he is powerful enough to overwhelm the Rangers in their Legend Warrior modes, breaking Nick out of his Power of the Phoenix attack, and when he grows giant, he gives his most impressive show of strength when he is shown to be strong enough to throw the Mystic Dragon at the Phoenix Unizord with ease.
  • Durability: Chimera has incredible thick skin and can withstand many punishments, even the Red Legend Warrior's Fire Storm couldn't make a scratch on him.
  • Super Speed: Chimera was able to rush forward when he teleported to fight the Mystic Force Rangers fast enough to send Nick flying.
  • Wormhole Generation: Chimera can open up a wormhole to travel to other dimensions.
  • Size Changing: Chimera can change his size at will.
  • Hyper Lightning Breath: Chimera's strongest attack where he can fire a large purple-red beam of electricity from his mouth powerful enough to take down all five Rangers with one blast and send the Mystic Dragon and Phoenix Unizord flying across the battlefield when he grew. The only thing capable of countering it was the Phoenix Unizord's spear.


  • Dark Troll's Clawed Left Arm: Chimera's left arm is the Dark Troll's left arm with claws for combat.
  • Eastern Dragon Right Hand: Chimera's right hand is an eastern dragon, which he can also use for combat, as well as to chomp his enemies with.
    • Lightning Ground Wave: Chimera can slam the eastern dragon head on his right hand to create an electrical blast that travels across the ground.
    • Lightning Laser: From the eastern dragon head on his right hand, Chimera can fire a yellow-green laser with purple electricity around it with enough force to blast down all five Rangers in an explosion of dust.
    • Lightning Ball: Also from the eastern dragon head on his right hand, Chimera can fire a yellow lightning ball.
    • Lightning Blast: Chimera can also fire a blast of yellow lightning from the eastern dragon head on his right hand as well.

Behind The Scenes



  • Chimera carrys some points of similarities to Goatan, a monster from the first season of the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
    • Both are chimera-theme monsters.
    • Both monsters have multiple heads that can individually speak.
  • Chimera is the first and only monster to be fought by the Phoenix Unizord.
  • Chimera has the body parts of Dark Troll, Clawbster, and Screamer.
  • Chimera is the sixth and final monster to have the ability to grow without the help of Koragg, the first being Flytrap, the second being the Behemoth, the third being Gnatu, the fourth being Spydex, and the fifth being Warmax.
  • Chimera's name and appearance is based off of a Chimera, a mythological creature that is made up of three or more different kinds of animals.
  • Chimera is the fourth fusion chimera-type monster to appear in the series (the first being the Cog Impursonator, the second being Troika and the third being Quadra Org).
  • It also shares the same name as its counterpart.
  • Though Chimera has a head on his stomach, and another on his right arm, they don't speak, or even make any other sound.

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