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Combined Beast Chimera (合成獣キマイラー Gōseijū Kimairā) is the final combined form of the three Hades Demon Warriors Zoodo, Jiin and Guuru as created by Dark King Zylpheeza.

Character History

Collecting the three crystals of the Hades Demon Warriors after they were killed by GoGoFive, Zylpheeza used his power to combine them together into one ultimate being which maximized and combined the strength, speed and technique of all three into one amalgamation. GoGoFive had a hard time hitting it with either their Calamity Breaker and V-Lancers, forcing them down until Mondo finally had enough time to send them their new weapon, the V-Mode Brace. With their increased power, the team finally destroy the Chimera with V-Mode Crash.


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Powers and Abilities


Combined with the abilities of Zoodo, the strength of Guuru and the speed of Jiin, Chimera possesses the power, speed and ability to easily crush and dodge any attack thrown at it.

Behind the Scenes

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  • Despite being killed, it is one of the few monsters in Super Sentai to not explode upon being defeated.
  • He is also the only Psyma Beast to not grow giant.

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