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"I'm not telling you anything, Magna Loser!"
―Chillyfish's final words before his death[src]
Chillyfish (head)

Chillyfish was sent to the colony Terra Venture by Treacheron to freeze the citizens so as to procure the Lights of Orion without hindrance. He used a jellyfish-type conical to spread his ice stingers across the entire colony, resulting a extreme drop in temperature. The cold caused Terra Venture's engines and Alpha 6 to shut down. He is jellyfish-themed and wields a sword in battle.

When the Galaxy Rangers confront the monster in the city, only Leo Corbett is protected from his ice spell by Mike's dogtags (underneath his uniform and directly where Chillyfish shot him), the others fall victim to it along with the rest of the colony's citizens. Everyone except Leo, the animals and the Magna Defender are frozen and despite the presences of Chillyfish, Treacheron and Trakeena, the two warriors chose to fight each other (Leo demanding the Defender give him the Lights, thinking it'll save the colony, while Magna Defender, wanting them for himself, refuses).

When Chillyfish catches a glimpse of the Lights, he chases after them on his own horse. However, the moment he catches them they shatter, revealing their nature to be fake. Leo abandons his fight with the Magna Defender to confront Chillyfish on his own horse, but the monster proves too strong for him and is only overpowered by the Magna Defender's sneak attack (the Lights he'd released earlier were revealed to be part of his plan to destroy Chillyfish). Chillyfish grows and Magna Defender summons the Torozord and transforms into the Mega Defender. He gave Chillyfish a choice to tell him what he knew about the Lights, but the monster refused and was destroyed by the Defender Torozord.

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