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"What's with the Chillers?"
Moltor asking Flurious[src]

The Chillers are humanoid ice monsters and are Flurious' foot soldiers.


These monsters are the personal foot soldiers of Flurious that shatter into ice bits when defeated. They can also freeze things with their ice abilities. When Flurious destroys them, they turn into snow. They are usually created through Chiller Stones. They worked for Moltor briefly in "Just Like Me", when Norg brought Chiller Stones to him in exchange for residence in Moltor's volcano when Flurious briefly kicked him out of his icy lair. They were all destroyed in "Crown and Punishment".


The Chillers are ruthless creatures that will destroy anything in their path and usually make grunting noises. But they are also loyal to Flurious.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mouth Ice Balls: The Chillers can launch out explosive ice balls from their mouths.
    • Hand Balls: The Chillers can also put their ice balls onto their hands to better aim them such as during the Overdrive and Retro Ranger battle in the episode "Once A Ranger - part II."
  • Ice Blizzard: The Chillers can launch out an ice blizzard from their hands, if launched on the ground, they can freeze anything on it into solid ice, which can cause enemies to slip and/or slide, hindering their movements.


  • Extraordinary Leapers: The Chillers can leap at an incredible distance.
  • Ice Durability: The Chillers' body are made entirely out of thick cold ice and as such, some normal physical attacks won't be effective.
  • Cold Resistance: The Chillers can survive under extreme cold, as shown when they were not bothered by the freezing temperature of the Ice Den.


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  • Ice Pickaxes: The Chillers possess ice pickaxes for an aid in combat.

Behind the Scenes


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  • In the Power Rangers Operation Overdrive toyline, the Chillers are referred to as 'Evil Space Aliens', instead of Chillers, despite not having anything to do with Rita and Zedd's group of villains. This is because 'Evil Space Alien' is a general term used by Bandai when releasing villains before they are explicitly named in the show.
  • The Chillers are very similar to the Hidiacs from the previous season, Power Rangers Mystic Force.
  • The Chillers are based on the Warrior Wheel from Power Rangers Zeo.
  • In the episode "Once a Ranger - part II", Tyzonn used one of them to blast the entire army of Chillers around him using its mouth ice balls whilst battling Vulturus.
  • While the Chillers have an ice motif, their Japanese equivalents have a stone motif.


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