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"You won't escape. You are all my prisoners."
―Zairen's first words.[src]

Child Transformation Psyma Beast Zairen (幼化サイマ獣ザイレン Yōka Saimajū Zairen, 24, 42-43) is a siren/mermaid-themed Psyma Beast under Evil Spirit Princess Denus.


Zairen was sent by Denus as she tried to crush GoGoFive prior to the Grand Cross and the potential of being outranked by her youngest brother Drop. She attacks a conference at a hotel on the Grand Cross, turning nearly everyone including Mondo Tatsumi and his four sons into children, save only youngest daughter Matsuri. She initially escapes only for Zairen to re-appear while GoPink and Denus were caught up in a two-way showdown. Using the guidance of the younger Mondo, Matsuri uses her Five Laser to destroy the fins on Zairen's head, destroying her child-creation power and turning everyone to their rightful age. The team then kill Zairen with the Victory Buster.

However, Pierre reveals he has found the final Golem Card after Zairen's destruction, reviving her into Golem Zairen. Using a combination of the Grand Liner and Liner Boy, she is ultimately destroyed with the Grand Storm. Her spirit later appeared to attack the GoGoFive in Hell under the control of Saima Chaos, but despite escaping was sent back there. Later, Dragon Dark King Salamandes absorbed her spirit in order to gain enough power to escape.


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Powers and Abilities


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Her main ability is a beam which allows her to reduce the age of anyone hit by it, allowing her to turn anyone into children; this is controlled by the fins on the side of her head. After reviving with a Golem Card, she gains new armor and a mask, as well as a sickle for a hand.

Behind the Scenes


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Concept Art


  • Her name comes from the word "siren".


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