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"It's like... a box full... of those little animal toys!"
―Final words before Death[src]

Chefdon (シェフードン Shefūdon) is one of the Players and the final player from Team Quval. His Blood Game is to overfeed people with high calorie meals.

Character History

Ep. 39: Calories and Necklace

Ep. 41: The First and The Last Chance


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  • Medal Slot: Right chest
  • Blood Game: Force Feeding people his high calorie meals so they become bloated 
  • Genre: Cooking


  • Gourmace (グルメイス Gurumeisu): A mace in the shape of a Pepper Mill Chefdon uses to create his meals and shooting various spices.

Powers and Abilities

  • Pepper Smoke (コショウスモーク Goshō Sumōku): An ability that allows Gourmace to shoot pepper from the Gourmace that he can use as a smokescreen.
  • Mayonnaise Shower (マヨシャワー Mayo Shawā): An ability that allows Gourmace to shoot electrified mayonnaise from the Gourmace.
  • Green Laver Bomber (青海苔ボンバー Ao nori Bomber): An ability that allows Chefdon to throw green lavers which can be detonated remotely.
  • Combo: Super Calorie! (スーパーカロリー! Sūpā Karorī!): A combo move in which Chefdon uses his Gourmace to create a super calorie meal (Such as Super Calorie Napolitan (スーパーカロリーナポリタン Sūpā Karorī Naporitan) or Super Calorie Sushi (スーパーカロリー寿司 Sūpā Karorī Sushi)) in order to make anyone eat it become a ball.

Behind the Scenes





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