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Cheetah Mozoo (チーターモズー Chītā Mozū, 48) is the cheetah themed Super Synthetic Beast of the Dark Science Empire Deathdark; it is the second of the final three Mozoo to be empowered by a Hightron generator.

Character History

First Mozoo that did he job (besides taking out Goggle V). Was a decoy to let Mazurka and General Desgiller into Goggle V headquarters while he speed though the city. After breaking the forcefield, Goggle V used the Golden Spear to first defeat Cheetah Mozoo. Revived by Cheetah Kong. After a Spark Plug Bomb from Cheetah Kong, Goggle V used Hand Missile, Victory Punch, and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.


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He had a pair of smoke pipes on his back, he was equipped with bombs that resembled tesla coils, and he had a pair of wheels on his torso that gave him superhuman speed.

Behind the Scenes

Concept art


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  • Cheetah Mozoo was the final monster to be revived by his Kong as for Bear Mozoo his kong was used by General Deathgiller and thus not reviving Bear Mozoo 


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