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"I'm sorry, Casey but......."
―Cheese McAllister's final words before his death[src]

Cheese McAllister in his Rinshi form

Cheese McAllister (tv repairman).PNG

Cheese McAllister transformation

Cheese McAllister is a Rinshi who first appeared as a TV repair man. He showed up saying that he was hired to fixed the TVs in the loft. After Fran regretfully allowed him in the loft, he used an alien style remote control to freeze her. Then when Casey, Theo, Lily & Dom showed up, the repair man showed to be a Rinshi. He zapped them with the control, sending them to another dimension.

The Rangers arrived on a game show called "Blow That Dough" hosted by Cheese McAllister & Camille. Casey Rhodes, Lily Chilman, Theo Martin, and Dominic Hargan had to answer questions about the events in their Ranger lives up to then. But they were also up against Buffalord, Pangolin, and Slickagon. If they got a question wrong, they were "cancelled" where Cheese uses his remote control on them. If they got it right, they earned money.

At the end of the game, only Casey & Buffalord were left. Buffalord answered the question correctly, beating Casey. But before Casey could be cancelled, he received his Morpher thanks to R.J. & Fran. He morphed, took the remote from Cheese and zapped Cheese, Camille & Buffalord, cancelling the show. This then freed & returned Casey, Theo, Lily & Dominic to the real world. Don't Blow That Dough


  • His name is possibly implying to be based on a mouse. Given that mice usually love cheese, thus implying he has the spirit of the Mouse.
  • Cheese McAllister is one of the Rinshi that never returned for the final battle. Along with Mantor, Buffalord, Slickagon, Crustaceo, Carden, Pangolin, Monkeywi, Hamhock, Porcupongo, Crocoville, Bai Lai, Barakouzza, Mog, Whirnado, Whiricane, the Black Shadow Guard, and the White Shadow Guard.
  • Unlike other Rinshi that transform, he appeared in regular Rinshi form and his other form is that of a human rather than a costumed monster.
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