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Super Dino Drive=
Super Dino Drive=
[[File:Super Dino Drive Black.jpg|thumb|Dino Charge Black Ranger in Super Dino Drive]]
[[File:Super Dino Drive Black1.jpg|thumb|Dino Charge Black Ranger in Super Dino Drive]]
* [[Dino Charger]] #2 - Para Charger (Parasaurolophus)
* [[Dino Charger]] #2 - Para Charger (Parasaurolophus)

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This article is about a/an ranger in Power Rangers Dino Charge.
"Why don't we just cut to the "chase" and go check out a movie?"
―Chase's unusual pick-up girls line

Chase Randall is the Dino Charge Black Ranger of the Dino Charge Rangers. He is also referred to as Black Ranger and, in roll calls, as Parasaur Power Ranger Black.

Upon being given the Black Energem by a Maori fortune-teller, he was the first to be found and become a Dino Charge Ranger, followed by Koda soon after.

Character History

New Zealand-born, Chase Randall works at the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum as a custodian/runner of sorts and assists Kendall Morgan in paleontological digs.

Some time after Kendall met Keeper, they tracked down Chase, who had found the Black Energem and bonded with the spirit of the Parasaurolophus, making him the first ever Dino Charge Ranger. Past, Present and Fusion It is later revealed that he was given the Black Energem by a fortune teller/curio shop owner from New Zealand as a reward for his bravery in rescuing her cat. Breaking Black


Chase is a cool laid-back 18-year-old. He wears the right clothes, listens to popular music, always well coiffed. He's very handsome and receives a lot of attention from the girls. He gets around by riding a skateboard, while sporting a hoodie and headphones. He spends his free time diddling on a guitar. Chase is very forgetful and is always late, stopping to flirt with girls or responding to texts. [1]

Dino Charge Black Ranger


Dino Charge Black Ranger

"Para Charger Engage!"
―Transformation announcement via Dino Charge Morpher
"Parasaur, Power Ranger Black!"
―Transformation Roll Call




Dino Charge Black Ranger in Dino Steel



Dino Drive Black

Dino Charge Black Ranger in Dino Drive



Super Dino Drive Black1

Dino Charge Black Ranger in Super Dino Drive





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Behind the Scenes

  • Chase is the first Black Ranger (and the first Ranger overall) to take the place of a Yellow Ranger.
  • While the first to become a Dino Charge Ranger, he was not the first to discover an Energem.
  • Among the core five rangers, he is the only one to have been given an Energem rather than to have found it.
  • Chase often calls himself the "hotshot", contrasting himself to his counterpart Ian Yorkland.

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