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Chase is a tabloid magazine in the world of Mirai Sentai Timeranger. Known for publishing articles and photographs of a speculative nature, it is still notorious for the scoops it does partake in through it's reporters and photographers.

Honami Moriyama, an aspiring photographer, uses Chase to publish photos of those who had arrived from the future in secret, such as the Timerangers and the Londerz Family. After she is discovered by Yuri in doing so, she becomes chastised for trying to expose them to the world, despite her constant desire to put herself in danger to get more information. The legitimacy of the photos and articles about the Timeranger and Londerz become noticed even by the Japanese government, who desire trying to take action in case something happens as published.Case File 9: The Don's DepressionCase File 11: Death-Fight Town

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