This article is about a/an song in Mirai Sentai Timeranger.

Chase! Chase! Chase! is an insert theme produced for Timeranger.


Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Ima hajimaru mune ga sawagu
Seiki no batoru
Hikari abite tachiagaru ze
Muteki no gonin

Ashita wo yugameru takurami ni
Tsukidase! Seigi no kobushi wo hageshiku!

Jidai no hate oitsumeru ze
Muhou na yatsu-ra

Jaaku ga hisonda kurayami wo
Kirisake! Futatsu no tsurugi de surudoku!

Saa Chase! Chase! Chase! Taimurenjaa
Yume wo mamoru tsuyosa de
Oo Fight! Fight! Fight! Taimurenjaa
Toki no kabe wo yabutte

Korinai hiretsu na yokubou ni
Uchikome! Ikari no dangan subayaku!

Saa Chase! Chase! Chase! Taimurenjaa
Inochi moyasu pawaa de
Oo Dash! Dash! Dash! Taimurenjaa
Ai no chikara shinjite
Saa Chase! Chase! Chase! Taimurenjaa
Tooi mirai uketome
Oo Jump! Jump! Jump! Taimurenjaa
Atsui yuuki wasurezu

Now your heart is beating with excitement
For the battle for this world has begun
Stand up, invincible five
And be bathed in light

They plan to corrupt the tomorrow
Push on! With your fists of justice!

We will track down these outrageous guys
Through any era

Their evil is concealed in darkness
Cut through it! Sharpen your two bladed sword!

Now Chase! Chase! Chase! Timeranger
With the power to protect our dreams
Oh Fight! Fight! Fight! Timeranger
We will smash down their barrier
They are despicable and they never learn
Fire! A quick angry bullet!

Now Chase! Chase! Chase! Timeranger
The power of life is burning
Oh Dash! Dash! Dash! Timeranger
Believe in the power of love
Now! Chase! Chase! Chase! Timeranger
Catch the distant future
Oh Jump! Jump Jump! Timeranger
Never forget this burning courage

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