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"I'm Changtor, welcome to my beach party where you are the guests of honor."
―Changtor's first words[src]
"No! This is all a big mistake!"
―Changtor's final words before his judgement[src]
"Look what I can do!"
―Changtor's first words before enlarging himself.[src]

Changtor is a Chinese themed alien criminal and mercenary, who battled the B-Squad Power Rangers in the nineteenth episode. He is an alien creature with an unidentified gender and unstable mind. Changtor was hired by Broodwing to defeat the Power Rangers. Changtor serves as the secondary antagonist of the episode "Dismissed".  


Little is known about Changtor. He is an intergalactic Chinese themed criminal and mercenary. He possesses an unidentified gender and unstable mind. In the nineteenth episode, Changtor was hired by Broodwing to defeat the Power Rangers and attacked Newtech City. He arrived at the beach. Delta Base's sensors detected Changtor on the beach and Supreme Commander Birdie sent Z and Syd to defeat him. Z and Syd arrived at the beach on the Delta Cruiser and met Changtor. Changtor greeted the Rangers. Changtor invited the Rangers at his beach party and said that he has a party game. He said that this game means to capture the Rangers and collect a big reward from Broodwing. The girls agreed to participate in his game and morphed to battle Changtor. The Rangers battled Changtor and he even praised the heroines for their outfits. The girls continued battling Changtor and outmatched him. Then Changtor enlarged himself and arrived at the city. The Rangers summoned the Delta Runners and formed the Delta Squad Megazord to battle him. Changtor told the heroes to start the battle. Z mocked Changtor by saying that he looked a little washed out. Z attacked Changtor with a Water Attack and knocked him down. Then the Rangers judged Changtor with the Delta Scanner. Changtor tried to reason with the heroes, saying that it's all a big mistake. However Changtor was found guilty and the Rangers fired at him. Changtor was brought down by the Delta Squad Megazord. Dismissed    


Changtor wasn't a truly evil individual. But he was an unstable and chaotic alien, who enjoyed battling the Rangers and trying to defeat them. He wanted to defeat the Rangers and collect the reward from Broodwing, proving that he was also greedy. Despite being a criminal, he was very polite and sophisticated and even complimented his opponents. When rangers judged Changtor, he tried to reason with them, saying that it's all a big mistake. But he was found guilty. However his punishment was actually unfair and he didn't deserve it.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Changtor possesses big physical strength and can fight the Power Rangers.
  • Skilled Fighter: Changtor was a capable fighter and was capable to hold against the Rangers.
  • Speed: Changtor is able to move at high speed.
  • Agility: Changtor possesses formidable agility and can utilize it in the battle.
  • Enlarging: Changtor can enlarge himself and he is one of the few monsters in this season to do that.


  • Sword: Changtor wields sword in battle.


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