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A list of merchandise for the 9th Super Sentai series Dengeki Sentai Changeman.[1]

Roleplay Items

DSC brace
  • Change Brace (チェンジブレス Chenji Buresu)

DSC swordset
  • Change Sword Box (チェンジソードボックス Chenji Sōdo Bokkusu)

DSC powerbazooka
  • DX Power Bazooka (DXパワーバズーカ Derakkusu Pawā Bszūka)

DSC powerbazookaset
  • Power Bazooka Set (パワーバズーカセット Pawā Bszūka Setto)

DSC dengekibase
  • Dengeki Base (電撃ベース Dengeki Bēsu)

DX Mecha

1985 changerobo
  • GC-27 DX Chogokin Earth Conversion Dengeki Combination Change Robo (GC-27 DX 超合金 アースコンバージョン 電撃合体 チェンジロボ GC-27 Derakkusu Chōgōkin Āsu Konbājon Dengeki Gattai Chenji Robo)[2]
    • The 3-D Secret Base (立体秘密基地 Rittai Himitsu Kichi) version is a special edition of DX Change Robo which comes in a box that can be opened up and used as a playset.

1985 shuttlebase
  • Big Scale Shuttle Base (ビッグスケール シャトルベース Biggu Sukēru Shatoru Bēsu)[3]

Box Art Gallery

Action Figures

Chogokin Figures


Five Chogokin Style figures that are all designated as GC-24. Each figure comes with a Change Sword.

  • Change Dragon
  • Change Gryphon
  • Change Pegasus
  • Change Mermaid
  • Change Phoenix

DSC CGKchangerobo

GC-28 Chogokin Change Robo: A standard size figure of Change Robo. It comes with the Dengeki Sword, Change Shield, Heli Changer 2's rotor, and five solid colored figures of the Changemen.

Figure & Vehicle Sets

DSC dengekipower

DX Dengeki Power Set (DX 電撃パワーセット Derakkusu Dengeki Pawā Setto): A set of the five bendable Changeman figures, the Power Bazooka, and their Auto Changers.


4WD Change Cruiser (4WD チェンジクルーザー Chenji Kurūzā): A self-propelled toy vehicle and two solid-red figures in sitting positions.


Dash Auto Changer (ダッシュ オートチェンジャー Dasshu Ōto Chenjā): A self-propelled motorcycle toy with a Change Dragon figure in a fixed rising position.


DSC Popishuttlebase

DX Popinica PC-51 Shuttle Base (DX ポピニカ シャトルベース Derakkusu Popinika Shatoru Bēsu): A small scale version of the carrier mech. It includes a mini Change Robo figure that can be separated into three parts and stored inside of Shuttle Base. The nose and the top hatch can be opened to reveal the docking areas.

PlaDelu (Plastic Deluxe) Mecha

DSC PDchangerobo

PlaDelu Change Robo (プラデラ チェンジロボ Puradera Chenji Robo): A non-transforming version of Change Robo. It has a rocket punch gimmick and comes with the Dengeki Sword and Change Shield.

DSC PDshuttlebase

PlaDelu Shuttle Base (プラデラ シャトルベース Puradera Shatoru Bēsu): A small version of Shuttle Base that comes with a mini Change Robo that can be stored inside.

R/C Toys

DSC RCrobo

R/C Change Robo (ラジオコントロール チェンジロボ Rajio Kontorōru Chenji Robo): A Change Robo figure with remote controlled walking action. It also has a rocket punch gimmick and comes with the Dengeki Sword. A missile launcher is located on the controller.


R/C 4WD Change Cruiser (ラジオコントロール 4WD チェンジクルーザー Rajio Kontorōru Chenji Kurūzā): A remote controlled version of the team's vehicle. This version does not have an open roof so figures cannot be placed inside.

Vinyl Figures

DSC 5set

Change 5 Set (チェンジ5セット Chenji Faibu Set): A set of five 12 centimeter tall Changeman soft vinyl figures.

DSC gozuma5set

Gozma Warriors Showdown Set (ゴズマ戦士対決セット Gozuma Senshi Taiketsu Setto): A figure set of Gozma villains and Change Dragon. General Giluke, Booba, Shiima, Gator, and a Hidrer Soldier.

DSC sofubirobo

Spark Robo (スパークロボ Supāku Robo): A vinyl figure of Change Robo with a light-up feature.

Candy Toys


Main article: Minipla
DSC MPchangerobo

Minipla Changeman Plastic Model (ミニプラ チェンジマンプラスチックモデル Minipura Chenjiman Purasuchikku Moderu)

  1. Jet Changer 1 w/ Change Shield & Dengekiken
  2. Heli Changer 2
  3. Land Changer 3
  4. Change Robo

DSC CTgattairobo

Changeman Combined Robo (チェンジマン合体ロボ Chenjiman Gattai Robo)

  1. Jet Changer 1
  2. Heli Changer 2
  3. Land Changer 3

Roleplay Items

DSC CTmasks

Change Masks (チェンジマスク Chenji Masuku)

  1. Change Dragon
  2. Change Gryphon
  3. Change Pegasus
  4. Change Mermaid
  5. Change Phoenix

DSC CTswords

Change Swords (チェンジ剣 Chenji Ken)

  1. Change Sword
  2. Dengeki Sword

DSC CTglasses

Change Glasses (チェンジグラス Chenji Gurasu)

  1. Change Dragon
  2. Change Gryphon
  3. Change Pegasus
  4. Change Mermaid
  5. Change Phoenix


DSC changegirls

Change Girls (チェンジガール Chenji Gāru) are two dress-up dolls of Sayaka Nagisa and Mai Tsubasa. They come with their Earth Defense Force uniforms and their Changeman suits.

DSC SDchangerobo

Silly Transformation Robo Chan Man (面白変形ロボチェンマン Omoshiro Henkei Robochenman) is a line of super-deformed plastic model kits. The Changeman kit included a transforming Change Robo and two small figures of Change Dragon and Change Mermaid.

GIU changeman

Girls in Uniform (ガールズ・イン・ユニフォーム Gāruzu in Yunifōmu) was a line of statuettes of heroines and villainesses released by Bandai. Sayaka Nagisa was released in volume 1 and Queen Ahames in the "Dark Heroines" volume.


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