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Chanbenarian Gin (チャンベーナ星人ギン Chanbēnaseijin Gin, 34, 48): Gin is a cat-like alien child who tried to steal medicine from Hakutaku for his sick mother after he was unable to buy it with the pearl he found, but was stopped and befriended by Sen-chan. Gin later learn that the pearl he found was a tool Gineka uses to mark his prey, though he survived thanks to stealing a spatula that shielded him from the shot. In the end, his mother received medicine from Hakutaku at Sen-Chan's request. In Episode 48 before the end credits, he with Hakutaku and the rest of Japan cheered on the Dekarangers to win.


  • Gin is the only Chanbernarian encountered by the Dekaranger on Earth. Ban was previously on Chanbera prior in Episode. 01 during an investigation.
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