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Dark Smoke Psyma Beast Chanbaano (黒煙サイマ獣チャンバーノ, Kokuen Saimajū Chambāno) is a Psyma Beast summoned by Dark King Zylpheeza

Character History

Chanbaano is a Psyma Beast created to harm the air of Earth with a noxious smoke and cloud the air with it. During a confrontation, Daimon tries to defeat it on his own, but the smoke ball that is thrown towards him ends up exploding when he kicks it, exploding and distributing the smoke within the vicinity, including to a boy he was trying to prove to that he was competent. In a later confrontation, GoYellow uses the Command Attacker bike to ram right into Chanbaano's bike destroying it before the team destroy it with the Life Bird.

After Pierre resurrects it, Chanbaano continues to try and emit smoke but the team uses its ladder arms to hit it and blow the smoke away before destroying him with Victory Prominence.

When GoGoFive is sucked into Ghost Psyma Hell by Salamandes, Chanbaano was one of the army of Psyma Beast ghosts summoned by Psyma Chaos to attack them until his staff was destroyed, leading to the Psyma Beasts to rampage against everyone. When GoGoFive find a portal back into their world with assistance of their mother, Chanbaano follows alongside Juuki and Solgoil and is resurrected as a giant ghost once again. The team use the Grand Liner to destroy him once again with the Grand Storm.


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His main ability is the distribution of a noxious gas that is hard to see through and that makes it hard for anyone hit by it to breathe; he can emit it both from his body and from smoke bombs it fires from itself. It can also use its power to transmute objects to its liking, such as transforming a motorcycle into one that likewise emits its noxious smoke.

Behind the Scenes

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  • He is voiced by Atsuki Tani in his first Super Sentai role.


  • His motifs are the ones of a conch and barnacles.
  • His name is a pun on "Chamber" (as in Expansion Chamber).

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