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"Ring Star! Oushi Black!"
―Oushi Black's roll call[src]

―Oushi Black's phrase for excitement and annoyance[src]

Champ (チャンプ Chanpu) is Oushi Black (オウシブラック Oushi Burakku, lit. Bull Black), the Black Ranger of the Kyurangers. He is an antrophomorphic bull-like android. He is one of the first three Kyurangers, after Stinger, to be awakened. For a period of time, he disguised himself as a wrestling champion known as Yagyuu Juubee (ヤギュウジュウベエ Yagyuu Juubee). After the permanent defeat of Don Armage, Champ return to his wrestling career, winning 99 streaks and regaining his championship title belt.

Aged 40 (340 since episode 34), Champ was born on January 23rd.[1]


Early Life

Sometime in the past, Champ was created by a former Jark Matter scientist, Dr. Anton, who was originally a mad scientist to build Champ as a weapon leading the group of multiple Champ 0s. Unfortunately, Anton gained multiple personalites, creating his justice-half, who managed to create a machine to separate his original evil-half from his body and escape with Champ, making his latest creation good-willed due to his remorse. During his activation, Champ is taught by the justice-Anton about the meaning of life within the universe without being consumed by the fighting intent, or else that intent will permanently turn Champ into nothing more than a mindless machine, referring to what will evil-Anton turn Champ into. After winning a wrestling championship belt nine years later, he intended celebrate his victory with his creator that night; however, Champ witnesses Jark Matter's mercenary Stinger poison Anton in front of his eyes. Enraged, Champ fought Stinger but lost, as the doctor died of his last breath to remind Champ of his teachings because of Stinger's poison. Sometime later, he acquired his Oushi Kyutama and was recruited to join the resistance as a Kyuranger, in hopes not only to eliminate Jark Matter regime but also to get revenge against Stinger. Unaware to Champ, the one who murdered Dr. Anton was Stinger's brother, Scorpio. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.4: Dreamy Android

As Oushi Black

Champ vows to find the remaining Kyurangers with justice as Lucky and Garu join the crew.

Champ was part of the 3-person away team sent by Raptor 283 of the Orion, along with other Kyurangers, Hammy and Champ, into battle in the flat planet of Crotos. Here the Kyurangers battle Jark Matter and attempt to save as many civilians as possible. They encounter a man from Luth, Lucky who makes it his goal to be one of them. They bring Lucky into the Orion to help fix his crashed space cruiser. Once there, they find Lucky has made of with a Transformation Controller Seiza Blaster and they go to the planet Jagjag to track him down. The three witness both Lucky and a Jagjag resident, Garu, as they become Kyurangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.1: The Super Stars of Space

Sent by Raptor 283 to follow Lucky to Zigama, which he had pinpointed as the location of the next Kyuranger, Champ and the others fought against that planet's Jark Matter garrison before being forced to fall back after facing the powerful Karō Eridron. Lucky's hunch ultimately bore fruit as the team welcomed Naga Rei and Balance to the Orion, the pair of thieves having helped them take down Zigama's Daikaan Gamettsui having respectively transformed into Hebitsukai Silver and Tenbin Gold. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.2: Let's Go! Phantom Thief BN Team!

Upon learning the desert planet Needle was on the verge of exploding due to its Planesium being almost being trained, the seven Kyurangers traveled to the planet to remove Jark Matter. They easily defeated the Indavers, but were surprised to see a mysterious man approaching them. Champ quickly recognized the man as Stinger and charged at him, unintentionally causing all of his teammates (excluding Lucky) to be poisoned by Stinger when they attempted to restrain him. Back on the Orion, Champ explained his past with Stinger to Lucky before going back to Needle to fight Stinger. Falling to Stinger in the fight, Champ was saved by Lucky, who warned him not to chase revenge, especially since Stinger had been chosen by a Kyutama. While Champ was too weakened from fighting Stinger to help defeat the Daikaan, he was able to use the Oushi Voyager and stop Stinger's interference any further. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.3: The Man from the Desert Star

Champ is approached by Garu, who heard from Lucky about the circumstances surrounding Anton's death. The two realize they share similar tragedies, as well as a desire for vengeance. To pass time, the two find a remote planet and fight each other as a training exercise. However, their training is mistaken by Raptor as a serious quarrel, prompting Hammie to stop them in the middle of their final attacks. While completely bewildered, the two nevertheless "make up" at Hammie's insistence and follow her back to the Orion, agreeing to try something similar in the future Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ookami Blue & Oushi Black Chapter

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.4: Dreamy Android

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.5: 9 Ultimate Saviors

Chou Super Hero Taisen

Champ was part of the five-man team sent by Shou Ronbou to capture Poppy PipopapoIcon-crosswiki.png, leading the Kyurangers into a confrontation with the Kamen Rider doctor trioIcon-crosswiki.png. Champ briefly fought with Hammie against Kamen Rider SnipeIcon-crosswiki.png Shooting GamerIcon-crosswiki.png Level 2Icon-crosswiki.png before the fight was interrupted by the GalaxianIcon-crosswiki.png ships.

Later, all nine Kyurangers joined the Chou Shocker TaisenIcon-crosswiki.png with various Sentai Rangers and Kamen RidersIcon-crosswiki.png fighting against the ShockerIcon-crosswiki.png army of the Game WorldIcon-crosswiki.png led by Shocker Leader IIIIcon-crosswiki.png. Through use of the Futago Kyutama, the complete team fought using a duplicated KyurenOh utilizing all nine Voyagers against the Big Moraimarz Robo pilotedIcon-crosswiki.png by the Oogumo Great Leader, whom they vanquished by fighting alongside the enlargedIcon-crosswiki.png Kamen Rider Ex-AidIcon-crosswiki.png Maximum GamerIcon-crosswiki.png Level 99Icon-crosswiki.png. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen

Champ and Stinger's Resolve

Champ was part of the five-person team which destroyed the Moraimarz piloted by Daikaan Mozuma. Back on the Orion, while Lucky and Kotaro were still on Earth, the others discovered that they had lost control of the ship and that they had been sent on a direct course to the Sun, causing a sharp rise in temperature which the mechanical Champ tolerated better than his organic shipmates. The ship and crew were ultimately saved, however, as Mozuma was destroyed by Shishi Red and Koguma Skyblue, causing his microbic extensions to dissipate and return control of the ship. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.10: A Small Giant, Big Star!

Champ was part of the five-man team led by Shou to acquire the Tomo Kyutama, component of the Argo, on Earth. With assistance from Kotaro, who had snuck out of the ship, the team were able to recover the Kyutama from a Deathworm which had consumed it. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.11: Three Kyutama to Save The Universe

When Scorpio, Stinger's traitorous brother turned one of Jack Matters' loyalist arrived and infects every civilians including most of his own army into zombies with his poisonous sting, Champ realize from what Lucky discovered that Scorpio was the true murder of Dr. Anton, not Stinger. After curing the civilians from Scorpio's infections, Champ accompanies Stinger in his quest to search Scorpio's hiding location on Earth. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.13: Stinger's Challenge To His Brother!

With Stinger, Champ realizes that Scorpio is the new Karo on Earth.

Learning that the Karo of the Sasori System had been sent to Earth, Champ realized that this Karo was Scorpio. Heading to the Big Moraimarz, Champ and Stinger were confronted by Scorpio, who had been transformed into a monstrous body. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.15: Savior of the Water Planet Vela

Champ was defeated by Scorpio's Venom Kick, when he took the hit meant for Stinger by pushing him out of the way. The attack destroyed Champ and broke him apart. The broken robot was able to give Stinger some final encouraging words when the latter felt like his life no longer matters before he was finally shut down. His broken pieces were brought back to the Orion by his comrades, but they couldn't repair him with their current equipment. Stinger was tasked to deliver his parts to the Rebellion HQ for a full repair, though it's stated there's a chance Champ's memory will be the only thing that won't be recoverable. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.16: Stinger's Reunion with His Brother

At Rebellion HQ, Kotaro reported to Shou that Champ's body was being repaired though he still needed to undergo a series of assessments before he could hope to revive while Stinger continued to feel guilty for his injuries. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.17: Lighting the Dome of Darkness!

Zyuohger vs. Ninninger

Through unknown circumstances, the nine Kyurangers made a brief appearance on an Earth where Jark Matter was not present. Instead, the Kyurangers arrived to intervene against the Deathgalien before they could interfere with the Zyuohgers' fight with the Ninningers for the future of Super Sentai against Gillmarda. With Oushi Black aiding in wiping out the Moeba pack, the Kyurangers eventually forced the Deathgalien to retreat before taking their leave with their appearance observed by the Zyuohger ally Bud, who realized that the future was in safe hands. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger vs. Ninninger: Message from the Future from Super Sentai

Champ Returns

Much to Stinger's relief, Champ was ultimately repaired. Scorpio was eventually defeated, and reverted back to his kind self as he sacrificed himself one last time to protect the Kyurangers from Don Armage's attack. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.21: Farewell Scorpio! The Day The Argo Revives!

Champ Card.png

Seeking the Kyutama of the Tokei System, the Kyurangers came to the planet Toki and turned the 12 keys needed to unlock it within 30 minutes. Approaching key V, Champ found an illusion of Dr. Anton, who shockingly paralyzed and sent to Tsuyoindavers to attack him. Saved by Stinger, Champ regained his senses and turned the key, confused by his creator's behavior. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.25: Planet Toki, the Boy's Determination!

Investigating his origins

Champ was among the team of Kyurangers who traveled back to the past to find out the truth behind Tsurugi Ohtori's final battle with Don Armage, deciding to stay behind with Shou Ronpo in the past after the Kyurangers' meeting with Orion and initial defeat of Don Armage. After putting Shou into cold sleep within the buried Battle Orion Ship, Champ left off on his own to meet with Dr. Anton, whom he learnt had managed to extend his own life through the use of cybernetic enhancements. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.33: Launch! Battle Orion Ship

Introducing himself as "Yagyuu Juubee".

Ultimately, Champ was unable to meet with Dr. Anton, but found blueprints related to his creation, and realized the truth that he was intended to be created for evil as a weapon of destruction. Champ began to think that he did not deserve to face his teammates, so he disguised himself by putting on a mask and wrestling belt, and using his Kyuranger jacket to conceal his Seiza Blaster. He went by the name of "Yagyuu Juubee".

In the present, upon learning of the existence of a weapon duplicate of himself, "Yagyuu Juubee" began to pursue this weapon duplicate, eventually crossing paths with the Kyurangers, who all recognized him as Champ except for Garu, who believed that "Yagyuu Juubee" was Champ's friend as the latter had claimed. By this point, Champ was already experiencing a malfunction, making him go berserk as his memory was not fully restored, causing his Jark Matter programming to act up during combat. Through Stinger's plan, Champ was able to regain his confidence and faith in himself, discarding his disguise and fighting together with the Kyurangers once more. Champ's malfunction was decided to be kept as a secret amongst Champ, Stinger, and Garu, in order to not worry the others. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.34: Mysterious Masked Warrior, Appears

Champ's malfunction was revealed to be caused by a berserker circuit installed within him by the evil Dr. Anton. On planet Ghem in the Perseus System, Champ was driven berserk and later deactivated by Mecha Madakko using a remote given to her by Dr. Anton, and was later taken to Dr. Anton's secret lab on the planet in order to convert him to evil. As Dr. Anton used his inventions to trap the Kyurangers on Ghem in an RPG-styled simulation, Champ was known as the Beautiful Black Cow Princess (美しい黒牛姫 Utsukushī Kuro Ushihime). Ultimately, Champ was snapped back to his senses by Stinger, who used his tail to destroy the berserk circuit within him, returning Champ to normal. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.39: The Great Adventure of Perseus

The final battle

Champ was among the defeated Kyurangers converted into Planetium and absorbed by Don Armage, as part of Lucky's plan to use the powers of the twelve Kyutamas to weaken him and free Tsurugi from the shogun's control. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.47: The Saviors' Promise

After the permanent defeat of Don Armage, Champ returned to the world of wrestling, reclaiming his title of robot wrestling champion and maintaining a 99-match win streak over the course of two years. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.Final: Echo in the Universe! Alright, Lucky


Champ is generally happy-go-lucky in demeanor, believing firmly in the power of justice and fiercely protective of the ones he cares about. However, Champ can be hot-blooded and impulsive when provoked, especially when his friends are endangered or hurt. When he encountered Stinger, the man who the wrestler thought killed Dr. Anton, he fell into a fit of rage and had to be restrained by his teammates, unintentionally causing his team to be poisoned. When not fighting, Champ will usually be lifting weights, despite the fact exercise gives him no physical benefit due to being a robot.

Despite his animosity towards Stinger until he realizes that Stinger's traitorous brother Scorpio was the one who murdered Dr. Anton, Champ eventually warms up to him as a teammate and friend (calling him 'partner' too as if they were already closed best buddies), to the point where he takes a finishing move meant for Stinger and is destroyed. After being revived they got along well and support each other as needed.


Oushi Black

"Oushi Kyutama! Seiza Change!"
―Transformation announcement via Seiza Blaster[src]

Powers and Abilities


to be added

  • Aldebaran Crush (アルデバランクラッシュ Arudebaran Kurasshu): Oushi Black performs a powerful blast attack with the Seiza Blaster.
  • All-Star Crash (オールスタークラッシュ Ōru Sutā Kurasshu): Oushi Black performs a powerful blast attack with the Seiza Blaster alongside his fellow Kyurangers.
    • Kyuren All-Star Crash (キュウレンオールスタークラッシュ Kyūren Ōru Sutā Kurasshu, Nine Union All-Star Crash): An upgraded version of this finisher with the first 11 Kyurangers.
    • Ultimate All-Star Crash (アルティメットオールスタークラッシュ Arutimetto Ōru Sutā Kurasshu): An upgraded version of this finisher with the all 12 Kyurangers.
  • Aldebaran Impact (アルデバランインパクト Arudebaran Inpakuto): Oushi Black performs a powerful boomerang attack with the Kyu Axe.
  • All-Star Impact (オールスタースインパクト Ōru Sutā Inpakuto): Oushi Black performs a supercharged energy attack with the Kyu Axe alongside his fellow Kyurangers.


  • Robot Physiology: As a robot, he has shown the following superhuman abilities:
    • Heat Resistance: He cannot be dehydrated, and can still function normally under the extreme heat when Orion approaches the Sun while the organic members of the Orion's crew are weakened by heat to the point of being immobilized.
    • Super Strength: As a fighting robot, Champ has strength far exceeding most humanoids.
    • Longevity: He remains fully functional even after more than 300 years in action.


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Appearances: Zyuohger vs. Ninninger, Kyuranger Episodes 1-3, Transformation Lessons (Ookami Blue & Oushi Black), Kyuranger 4-5, 7, Chou Super Hero Taisen, Kyuranger 8-9, 10 (offscreen), 11-13, Episode of Stinger, 16, 21, The Ghess Indavers Counterattack, Kyuranger 25-26, 29-30, 34, High School Wars Episode 4, Episode of Stinger, Kyuranger 36, 39-43, 45-48, Kyuranger vs. Space Squad, Lupinranger VS Patranger VS Kyuranger

Yagyuu Juubee

After finding out he was meant to be a mindless weapon, Champ hid himself from the others using this monkier, until Stinger and Garu convinced him to rejoin the team. While a disguise, most of his teammates already recognized him, except Garu, who completely believed the cover-up story. This identity is mainly Oushi Black wearing a mask and wrestling belt while Champ's Kyuranger jacket covered his Seiza Blaster.

Powers and Abilities


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to be added


to be added


to be added


This form is exclusive to Kyuranger Episode 34.

Behind the Scenes


Champ/Oushi Black
Akio Otsuka


to be added


  • His name is a pun of the word "champion".


  • Of the 88 modern constellations, Champ represents Taurus.
    • His finisher, "Aldeberan Impact" refers to the star Aldeberan, the brightest of the Taurus constellation.
  • Oushi Black's arms, abdomen, and legs are reused from the same parts of Champ's untransformed form.
  • Champ wears his Kyuranger jacket over his right shoulder, referencing a matador's cape.
  • Champ is the first character in the Super Sentai series portrayed by Akio Ootsuka that is not a monster of the week or a villain.
  • Champ's wrestling moniker is named after a legendary one-eyed samurai, Yagyū Jūbei Mitsuyoshi (柳生 十兵衞 三厳 Yagyū Jūbee Mitsuyoshi).
    • Champ being a wrestler and while also wearing a mask to conceal his identity pays homage to the Lucha libre tradition. Luchadors are famously known for wearing masks to hide their real identity.
  • The appearance of Champ is based on the Greek monster, Minotaur.


Super Sentai Legend Wars

Kyuranger as seen in Super Sentai Legend Wars.

Oushi Black appears with his team among all Sentai in the mobile game Super Sentai Legend Wars.


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