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"Blue is my least favorite color."

Chameliacon is a chameleon-themed mutant. He served Ransik and Nadira. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Nadira's Dream Date".


Just like all other mutants, Chameliacon was created in the result of science accident on the scientific facility. Before the events of the season, he was captured by Time Force organization and frozen in the Cryo-Prison. In the thirty fifth episode, Ransik released Chameliacon and ordered to help his daughter Nadira with her wishes. Ransik also ordered Chameliacon to destroy the Power Rangers. Nadira and Chameliacon went to Silver Hills to have some fun. Together they attacked the work area and people there with Cyclobots. The Rangers arrived and Jen ordered Chameliacon to surrender, but the mutant refused. The battle began and Chameliacon fought Lucas. In battle, Chameliacon used his energy tongue. Lucas offered the mutant to surrender, but Chameliacon refused. Then Chameliacon left. Then Chameliacon returned and attacked the city. He again encountered the rangers. Chameliacon again fought Lucas and nearly overpowered him, but Ransik arrived and ordered Chameliacon not hurt Lucas, because Lucas had romantic relationships with Nadira. Chameliacon didn't understand his boss but followed the order. Then after the battle Chameliacon left. Later after the rangers spoiled Nadira's date with Lucas, Ransik ordered Chameliacon to destroy the Blue Ranger. Chameliacon attacked Lucas and caught him with his energy tongue. However, the other rangers helped their friend and Wes freed Lucas by striking mutant's tongue. Then Lucas also morphed and battled the villain. During the fight, Lucas even threw mutant's tongue over the bridge. After being defeated, Chameliacon removed his Seal Patch and enlarged himself. In the giant fight, he used his tongue against Rangers's Megazord. But rangers eventually defeated him. Eric also helped them and summoned Quantasaurus Rex. Chameliacon was defeated and frozen by Shadow Force Megazord Blue Mode Time Target Attack. Nadira's Dream Date


Chameliacon was a nasty, spiteful and boastful mutant. He was shown to be somehow paranoial and feared to be frozen again. He also dislikes the Rangers, especially Lucas and wanted to defeat them at any cost. But he is loyal to Ransik and Nadira.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Chameliacon possess big physical strength, enough to battle the Power Rangers.
  • Superhuman Agility: Chameliacon also possess big agility.
  • Camouflage: Being a chameleon themed mutant, Chameliacon is able to disguise himself.
  • Teleportation: Chameliacon is able to teleport himself in any place.
  • Energy Blasts: Chameliacon can create energy blasts. 


  • Energy Whip Tongue: Chameliacon has a big energy tongue, which he can use as a whip.

Behind The Scenes



  • In "Shadow" Pt. 1, "Shadow" Pt. 2, and "Boom", an alien that looks like Chameliacon was seen as a customer at Piggy's restaurant.


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