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Chamelezarugin (カメレザルギン Kamerezarugin) (41) is the Combined Galactic Warrior of the Silver Imperial Army Zone, combining attributes the chameleon-like Chamelegin (カメレギン Kameregin) and the monkey-like Zarugin (ザルギン Zarugin).

Character History

Chamelezarugin is used by Doldora to become a handsome young man to seduce Kazumi into irresponsibility (believing her as the "mother" of Fiveman) and to give up secrets of the team to them, particularly their fears. Despite being allured by his attractiveness early on, Kazumi ultimately catches on to its nature when she sees the twitching eye of the chameleon half in the young man on their second date and states that her fear is "chameleons", forcing it to reveal itself and for Fiveman to take action. Doldora tries to use the discovered tactic of Gaku's fear of ghosts to release ghost Galactic Warriors of the team, but Fiveman defeat her and the combined threat with Kazumi using Super Five Ball to finish it off. After Doldora uses Gorlin #33 to enlarge Chamelezarugin, it is easily defeated by Star Five.



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  • Chamelezarugin uses the chameleon's ability to become invisible to watch over opponents; while using a monkey's mimicry to become a human in order to deceive them.

Behind the Scenes


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